14 Items You Can Get from Flight Attendant for Free

Today, airlines have become infamous for squeezing travelers for every penny under the disguise of offering cheap fares. You must pay extra over and above the base fare to pick a preferred seat or book in-flight meals. Surprisingly, you can still snag plenty of freebies when flying. However, the goodies may vary across the airline companies, flight duration, and flight routes.

Here is a list of 14 items you can score for free from flight attendants.

Complimentary Snacks and Beverages

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Check the airline’s website for complimentary snacks and beverages on board. You can easily take advantage of it after you board the flight. For instance, American Airlines offers complimentary pretzels, Biscoff cookies, fresh soft drinks, coffee, tea, juice, and water on flights above 250 miles.

Extra Snack Packets

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If you have paid for a packet of chips or nuts but want one or two more for free, don’t hesitate to ask the flight attendant. Usually, airlines keep a surplus stock of snacks in their flight pantry. They won’t deny your request unless they have strict rules against it.

The trick is to request towards the end of the flight. You will most likely be rewarded with leftover packets.

Extra Beverages and Refills

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When the flight attendant brings the food cart, you can ask for an extra cup of hot or cold beverage. Alternatively, you can request a refill sometime later. However, the flight attendant may refuse to serve you an entire can of soda for free. It is cheaper for them to split the can between the flyers.


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Carry an empty water bottle with you. The flight attendant can fill the bottle for you several times. If you feel embarrassed to demand a refill frequently, you can do it once after boarding and once before landing.

Rarely will the flight attendant not address your request. Some airlines, especially those flying long distances, provide bottled water without charging passengers.

Basic Medications

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) mandates that U.S. carrier aircraft carry specific medical equipment, first aid kits, and medications. If you are experiencing fever, diarrhea, motion sickness, or nausea, the flight attendant wouldn’t mind giving you over-the-counter medications for free.

First Aid Supplies

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Minor injuries, rashes, or itches might occur in the flight for some reason. You can ask the flight attendant to give you adhesive bandages, gauze pads, face masks, insect repellant, or antibacterial wipes. Female flyers can even ask for tampons and sanitary pads. You are not expected to shell out a dime for it.

Blankets and Pillows

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Blankets and pillows are free for red-eye, long-distance, international, and intercontinental flights. You can relax or sleep comfortably throughout the entire flight duration.

Even if you are traveling on short-haul or medium-haul flights or cannot bear the cold temperature in the airplane, the flight attendant can give you blankets. Of course, you have to return the blankets before disembarking the flight.

Activity Kit for Children

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Are you looking for some off-screen time for kids on the flight? Did you forget to pack your children’s toys? Flight attendants can bring a smile to your children’s faces (and yours, too) by handing out activity kits.

Depending on which airline you are flying with, the kits contain crayons, sketchbooks, puzzles, a miniature soft toy, and other goodies. Your little ones will remain engaged for hours at altitude while you catch a little break from parenting.

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There is no escape from digital entertainment to make flying more bearable with the minor members of the family. You can ask the flight attendant if they have kid-friendly movies or television shows you can avail of for free.

Baby Bassinets

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Flying with babies can be stressful on long-haul or international journeys. Holding or putting them to sleep in your lap or arms can be challenging. They can get tired and cranky, and so can you. Airplane bassinets can be a lifesaver. These baby cots can be fitted near the bulkhead seats or cabin dividers.

Some airlines offer onboard baby bassinets. For instance, Delta Airlines provides ‘SkyCots’ free of charge, subject to terms and conditions. However, you must book a bassinet in advance, as the aircraft can usually fit only one or two bassinets.

Amenity/Travel Kit

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Amenity kits are available as a perk for long and ultra-long-haul flight passengers. The kit content varies widely across airlines. It typically contains toiletries and cosmetic items such as toothbrushes, mini toothpaste, hand lotion, skincare wipes, lip balm, sleeping masks, mints, etc. Some airlines include earplugs, socks, and slippers in the kit.

You can use this kit to freshen up during transit or take it back home.

Head Phones/Ear Buds

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Most airlines provide headphones or earbuds to help you access in-flight entertainment on the seat screens. You can use it for free during the flight duration. The flight attendant will collect it from you before the arrival at your destination.


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You can get free Wi-Fi on select flights and routes if you are lucky. You can stream your favorite Netflix show or browse the internet. Some airlines offer free Wi-Fi access to frequent flyers or passengers holding membership cards or mileage plans.

Flight Delay Freebies

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Airlines commit to compensating passengers in case of flight delays and cancellations. All U.S. airlines provide free meals or meal vouchers/cash if passengers have to wait three hours or more for a new flight after a cancellation. Many airlines offer complimentary hotel accommodations and ground transportation.

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