Do Not Say These 15 Things To Any American You Meet

When interacting with Americans, whether at home or abroad, it is crucial to tread carefully in conversation. Familiar phrases or topics might unintentionally offend, so it is best to avoid certain comments. To ensure your discussions are respectful and pleasant, we have compiled a list of remarks you should avoid. Keep these in mind to maintain polite and enjoyable interactions with any American you meet.

“Whoa! College is Expensive here.”

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There is no need to state this explicitly to any American. Most Americans agree and are well aware of how expensive college is. There is no need to hit any soft spots that they already know of. Outrightly mentioning this will make them feel bad.

Most students there are drowning in college loans and debt because of overpriced tuition. So there is no need to be a bad guy and remind them of something they already suffer from.

“Soccer is Real Football. Yours is not.”

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While there is already an impending war about the difference between soccer and football, you do not need to add to it.

For Americans, football is synonymous with throwing around a pigskin. American football is a national favorite for Americans, far more beloved than soccer. So, bringing up the same would only result in people being offended at you for bad-mouthing their favorite sport.

“You Probably Weigh A Lot.”

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While obesity rates are higher in the United States as compared to most other countries, commenting on someone’s weight is rude in general. There are movements in the US to embrace body diversity. You can probably understand that it is a pretty sensitive topic there.

Thus, unless you want to offend an American, you should keep such comments to yourself.

“Do You Own a Gun?”

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With the recent history of school shootings, guns are a sensitive topic in the US. Asking something like this can be considered as intrusive and a breach of personal boundaries. These can also lead to people questioning their safety and political beliefs. Thus to avoid uncomfortable scenarios like these, keep it to yourself.

“Oh! Is It Necessary to Tip?”

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Tipping has been a part of the American culture for ages. Even if you are unfamiliar, you may still question their culture. No matter where you are, be it a restaurant or a food chain, tips are a necessity.

If you ask the above, you will be answered unanimously “Yes!” Since most workers are underpaid, they look forward to tips from their customers. Avoid such questions unless you wish to look cheap in public.

“Fast Food Must Be Your Favorite!”

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Even though fast food is an integral part of most American meals, you cannot go about explicitly mentioning those. This makes it seem like you are looking down on their cuisine. It would also make you seem like you are being stereotypical. Wherever you are, embrace the culture, instead of ridiculing it.

“You Are Way Too Patriotic.”

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Americans have several symbols of nationality such as soaring eagles, 4th of July fireworks, and their flag. All of these symbolize their deeply rooted identity of freedom. They have won the Revolutionary War and that has led to the development of these roots.

“Are You a Racist? You Know, Since You Are From the South.”

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This statement is extremely offensive in itself. The southern states of America have been making movements to make people of different communities feel included. This question may offend many Americans, making them feel like their efforts have been overlooked.

“Is English All You Speak?”

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As an outsider, it might seem that English is the only language in the United States. However, this comment would make you seem ignorant of the linguistic diversity present. Several Americans speak languages other than English. There are over 20 percent of Americans who practice bilingualism. With Spanish gaining traction now, this question would hold no value.

“You Are So Loud.”

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Americans have been stereotyped as being loud. However, it is a mere stereotype. Perspectives vary from one culture to another. What might seem loud to you, may not seem so to others in their country. Thus to avoid stereotyping, avoid making comments like these.

“Your Accent Is Not American.”

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The rest of the world must have told you that there is an “American accent”. That is not true. America is a diverse country. The accent in which a person speaks varies from person to person and from one region to another.

If you expect to hear only one general accent all over the States, you could not be more wrong.

“Why Are You So Workaholic?”

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Work culture is a problem in the United States. On average, an American works 1,767 hours per year, significantly higher than workers in many other countries. Irrespective of that, commenting on someone’s working hours is impolite. You should also not make blanket statements that generalize the entire American population.

“How Can You Even Afford Healthcare?”

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The overpriced healthcare in the United States is not news to Americans or the world outside. This is a concern for Americans too. Pointing it out separately will make you seem rude.

This is because you would be attacking them on something they are trying hard to change and are widely affected by.

“Everyone is so rich here in America.”

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This comment could not be farther from reality. Saying something like this will make you seem ignorant of the economic inequality that exists in the US. Commenting on this will seem humiliating to those who face financial hardships. Thus it is better to keep quiet if you are unable to empathize.

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