13 Controversial Pizza Toppings People Can’t Agree On

Pizza toppings have always been diverse. Pepperoni, olives, and cheese are just a few common ones. Certain toppings spark controversies. If you thought it was just pineapple, hold onto your seats.

Here’s a list of controversial pizza toppings people can’t agree on.


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Imagine you are sharing a pizza with a friend, and their favorite topping happens to be anchovies. Unlike other toppings, you cannot pick and keep it aside for the connoisseur to indulge in.

The smell of anchovies penetrates the deepest layer of pizza and, perhaps, even your soul. That is why people who love anchovies on their pizza usually fly solo on a pizza night.


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Coming to the topping that became an internet sensation, no one is a stranger to pineapple. Pineapple as a topping on pizza sparked a controversy, with some saying that it would be a good addition and others rejecting it.

The sweetness of the pineapple can enhance the savory taste of the pizza. Pineapple is a common topping on Hawaiian pizza, which was created by a Greek immigrant, Sam Panopoulos.

Mac and Cheese

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Mac and cheese on top of a pizza might sound bizarre. However, despite sparking all the controversies, it adds a nice touch.

The pizza crust adds to the otherwise mushy texture of mac and cheese. Moreover, the caramelized cheese becomes the cherry on top.


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Caviar on pizza became trendy during New York’s exclusive Fashion Week. It sparked controversy while appealing to the taste buds of rich food explorers.

The caviar pizza consists of a potato hash brown crust, crème fraiche topping, Baeri caviar, and chives. It will cost you $95 for one caviar pizza.


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Salad topping is an accumulation of multiple attempts to make a pizza healthy. As a result, you get a pizza with all sorts of leafy greens piled on top of it, such as spinach, lettuce, and kale.

The outcome is a wide array of textures and flavor profiles squeezed together. Whether it appeals to your taste or your health standards is something we leave up to you.


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Yes, you read that right. Nutella pizza is slowly making its way into the pizza chains. The toppings on these pizzas include Nutella alongside several other candies such as M&M’s and so on.

Slowly, more smaller pizza shops are joining in on this trend. Making a dough sandwich like this is not a bad choice. The controversy, however, lies in whether this is even a pizza.


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Eggs on pizza are another eccentric choice that hobbyist chefs have made. If you love to dip your toast in runny yolks, this pizza topping is for you.

While it is a product of people exploring cuisines, we cannot exactly call it an abomination per se. After all, it might have its origins in the Georgian dish Khachapuri. This bread is allowed to rise and filled with eggs and cheese in the center. Now, that sounds egg-cellent.


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Clams on pizza might sound like a bizarre choice because of the salty taste of it. However, it has been a staple in New Havens. It may seem controversial for some, while many enjoy the saltiness of clams with a touch of garlic sauce.


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In the United States, corn seems like a controversial choice for a topping on a pizza. According to Vice, corn is considered an even more atrocious topping than pineapple.

The rest of the world agrees that sweet corn is a topping because its sweetness complements the other salty ingredients. However, it is considered a horrendous choice in the United States.


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Yes, pickles are a choice of toppings for many. Pickle pizzas have become a trend through TikTok. Dill-pickle lovers who also enjoy pizzas have decided to combine both of their cravings into this dish.

The tangy salty flavor profile of pickles goes well with the richness of melted cheese on pizza. You can always give it a shot if you are a dill-pickles lover. Whether you like it or not, that is entirely something we live up to you.


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Avocados on toast are a breakfast staple in the United States. Walking down that same path, we get avocado as a topping for pizzas.

Creaminess is a welcome profile for pizzas. Another way of achieving that without extra cheese is using avocados as a topping. Not only that, guacamole is often a preferred choice when it comes to topping taco pizzas.


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Broccoli is another controversial topping on pizza. While green vegetables on pizza can be seen as a failed attempt at health, many people have embraced them.

When broccoli is baked as a pizza topping, it gets charred, too. This adds a delicious flavor that goes well with pizza. You are always welcome to try it if you are into exploring new toppings.


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While many people enjoy the flavor and essence of shrimp, many do not agree with its addition as a pizza topping. You might wonder why since shrimp is loved nationwide as a welcome addition to multiple dishes.

People who adore pizza’s authenticity as a dish of Italian origin despise this concoction. In Italian cuisine, the cardinal rule is to never mix seafood and cheese. Many choose to adhere to this rule and hence hate the addition of shrimp to pizza.

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