12 Complaints From Older People That Are Actually Valid

Older people face many difficulties in their day to day life. Things are sometimes very tough for them simply because they go through a lot both physically and mentally. Hence it’s quite obvious that they have genuine complaints. From healthcare to social isolation, these complaints are truly valid.

Addressing these concerns is not just about providing solutions for the seniors, but also about creating a good social environment. This list delves into several complaints by the older people to highlight why they are valid and require our understanding and response.

Inadequate Health Care Coverage

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Many older adults in the U.S. struggle with gaps in healthcare coverage. Long-term care, which includes nursing homes and assisted living, is often not covered by Medicare. This leads to high out-of-pocket costs for many seniors.

Prescription coverage under Medicare Part D also falls short, with high deductibles and copayments for essential medications. 

Over 40% of older adults in the U.S. live with chronic diseases that require continuous treatment. These coverage gaps can cause financial stress and limit access to necessary medical care, lowering the quality of life for many older adults. It is essential to find solutions to improve healthcare coverage for the elderly. It is needed to ensure they get the care they need without undue financial hardship.

Rising Pollution in the Neighbourhood

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Many older adults struggle with various types of pollution in their neighborhoods. Loud music during local celebrations and loud car engines contribute to noise pollution, disrupting their peace. These vehicles also contribute to air pollution, making it hard for them to breathe easily.

Furthermore, a general disregard for cleanliness and hygiene by some younger people often creates an uncomfortable living environment for the elderly. This lack of care for the environment affects the quality of life for older residents.

Lack Of Respect From The Younger Generation

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Many older people in America also express concerns about the lack of respect they receive from the younger generation. They often complain that most of these young people don’t understand or value the sacrifices and hardships they went through to make their lives happy.

They even struggle to have decent conversations with them about life. They are often ridiculed for being too old class and washed away. They feel there is a sense of complete ignorance for them in their daily lives.

Age Discrimination In The Workplace

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According to a CNBC report, nearly 80% of older workers have faced age discrimination at work. Many older employees struggle to get jobs or advance in their careers because of stereotypes about their abilities. This discrimination can lead to frustration, low self-esteem, and financial problems. These are real concerns for the older generation.

Older workers not only work for financial reasons but also seek fulfillment and respect in their jobs, as noted by AARP. They appreciate being recognized and praised for their efforts. This desire for acknowledgment in the workplace is another aspect of why age discrimination is a serious issue for them.

Unaffordable Housing

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The rising cost of living combined with fixed income makes housing affordability a significant issue for the elderly. Many struggle with the financial burden of maintaining a home or affording rent in safe neighborhoods. Sometimes due to unaffordability they are forced to move to an old age house with worse facilities. Hence, these complaints are truly valid and require more attention from everyone.

Quality Of Entertainment in Movies & Shows

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The world of movies and television shows has changed quite significantly. What it was 40 years ago is not the same anymore. Everything now looks fresh, with great visuals and a big sound system. However, the older generation feels that though films and shows are advanced now, their quality in terms of language and other entertainment values has declined greatly. Exposure to nudity, profanity, and violent scenes is too much in the movies, which could affect children.

Technology Gap

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Despite advances in technology, a significant technology gap exists for many older people. It hinders their ability to engage fully with the digital world. This gap is not just about owning devices but also involves usability and access to supportive learning resources. Many older men and women find current technology overwhelming due to its complexity and the fast pace of new updates and features.

Inadequate Social Services

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Many older people rely on various social services for their basic needs, including healthcare, nutrition, and social engagement. These services allow them to live a more secure and peaceful life. However, these services can be underfunded or unavailable, especially in rural areas, leading to significant gaps in care and support. Complaints such as these are truly valid by the older people.

Isolation and Loneliness

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As of Dec 2023, 42% of women and 23% of men aged 75 years and older are living alone in the USA.  It highlights a significant portion of the elderly population facing isolation and loneliness. This issue can have profound effects on their mental and physical well-being, leading to increased risks of depression, anxiety, and other health problems. Their complaints about isolation are valid as social connections are crucial for emotional support, cognitive function, and overall quality of life.

Depletion of Retirement Funds

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Issues with the mismanagement of retirement funds are increasingly common.  It creates a huge concern for a lot of elderly people who are fully dependent on such funds. This issue is increased by a lack of financial literacy, which leaves many unable to navigate the complexities of retirement planning effectively. The consequences are profound, often forcing seniors to alter their living arrangements, cut back on expenses, and, in some cases, re-enter the workforce.

Complex Government Programs

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Navigating the complexities of government programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid can be particularly challenging for older adults. They often need help to understand and access the benefits they are entitled to. Most of these programs operate in digital mode after COVID-19, which can be a little difficult for older people to understand as they are still trying to get used to it.

Neglect And Abuse From their Own Children

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Unfortunately, many older people go through a lot of physical and emotional abuse from their own children. Instead of taking care and offering help, children manipulate or take advantage of their elder parent’s inability to take action against them. These serious issues of domestic abuse often go unreported due to fear or the inability to seek help. As children of our old parents it should be our main duty to be respectful and helpful towards them.

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