Discovering 15 Cities with Distinctive Mental Health Challenges

Psychological disorders have been prevalent throughout history. There are several cities who have some of these psychological disorders named after them. From Stockholm to London, these have been the inspiration behind many mental ailments. Here, we will look at those cities across the world which have their own psychological disorders.

Stockholm Syndrome

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It is the most popular city-based syndrome out there. There are many pop culture and movie references to Stockholm Syndrome. It is the phenomenon when a hostage develops an emotional connection with the captor. It refers to a 1973 incident in Stockholm, where bank robbers held four people hostage for six days. Soon after, the police and robbers negotiated the release of these hostages. Yet, they showed concern for their captors and raised money for their defense.

Lima Syndrome

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Lima Syndrome is the exact opposite of Stockholm Syndrome. Lima Syndrome is about the captors’ sympathy for their victims.

It stems from a 1996 incident in Lima, Peru. The members of the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement took hundreds of hostages at the Japanese Embassy. Later on, they became sympathetic towards the hostages. They freed many of them in the first month itself. Within the fourth month, they released all hostages.

London Syndrome

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One of the most harmful disorders on the list is London Syndrome. It stands for a deep-rooted hatred between the captors and hostages. London Syndrome makes victims resist and be non-cooperative towards their captors. The syndrome gets its name from a tragic 1981 incident in London. During the incident, the hostages exhibited the symptoms and died in an altercation.

Havana Syndrome

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Havana Syndrome came into existence in 2016. It refers to the symptom of ringing in their ears that American diplomats experienced in Cuba. They also experience headaches and dizziness.

There are debates about whether it is a health anomaly or a result of sonic weapon attacks on Americans.

Sarajevo Syndrome

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In 1914, Bosnian Serb nationalists murdered Archduke Ferdinand and his wife, Sophia. It sparked the Sarajevo Crisis and, in turn, World War I. It also sparked what is now known as the Sarajevo Syndrome. The usual victims of the syndrome are Bosnian and Herzegovinian residents. They experience irrational fear of armed people and PTSD related to war, even if they have never been to one.

Paris Syndrome

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Paris Syndrome is mainly found in Japanese tourists visiting France. The syndrome arises when they visit Paris. They come across the rash behavior of Parisians instead of the ideal picture of Paris they have in mind. Sufferers of this syndrome experience homesickness, mood swings, and even exhaustion.

Florence Syndrome

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Florence Syndrome is a psychosomatic severe condition that affects people visiting Florence. The syndrome consists of symptoms like palpitation, sweaty palms, and uneasiness. Florence is a city rich with artwork. Tourists suffer from Florence Syndrome as they gaze upon these artworks. One of the most recent examples of Florence Syndrome was in 2018. A visitor suffered a heart attack while admiring “The Birth of Venus”.

Venice Syndrome

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People who experience Venice Syndrome consider Venice as a symbol of death. Thomas Mann’s novel “Death in Venice” inspired the syndrome.

It occurs to people who travel to Venice. They express their intention of committing suicide in Venice’s canals. Sufferers experience symptoms of depression. They often jump out of hotels or bridges to take their own lives.

Amsterdam Syndrome

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Amsterdam Syndrome occurs when men share pictures of themselves having intimate relationships. It is an R-rated syndrome. It refers to Amsterdam’s Red Light District, where prostitutes show themselves off. Coined by Chiara Simonelli in 2008, the syndrome affects Italian men who visit Amsterdam.

Detroit Syndrome

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Detroit Syndrome comes from Detroit, where it is common practice to replace older vehicles with newer ones. The sufferers of this syndrome are older employees. They live in constant fear that authorities will replace them with younger workers. The syndrome is usually found in people who prefer the strength of youth over experience.

Brooklyn Syndrome

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Coined during World War II, Brooklyn Syndrome refers to aggressive behavioral patterns. It originates from Brooklyn, whose inhabitants are usually aggressive towards visitors. Brooklyn has a long history of serial killers. Due to that, it also refers to antisocial traits found in residents.

Berlin Syndrome

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Originating from Berlin, this psychological disorder is common in human relationships. It describes a situation where a person emotionally, physically, and psychologically traps another. Berlin Syndrome occurs in both romantic and sexual contexts. The symptoms are feelings of dependency and obsession. Berlin Syndrome gained fame in 2017, with the release of a movie with the same name.

Jerusalem Syndrome

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Jerusalem Syndrome refers to a state of psychosis that sufferers experience during a trip to Jerusalem. When they visit Jerusalem, they believe they are Cain, Moses, Abel, or any character from the Bible. Their symptoms include sermonizing and reading passages from the New or Old Testaments.

Helsinki Syndrome

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People brainstorm often without any context or direction. As a result, they think together without conviction and can’t solve the problems at hand. They make poor decisions. That is what Helsinki Syndrome is about. Even politicians and C-level employees sometimes suffer from Helsinki Syndrome.

India Syndrome

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While not precisely a city-based syndrome, India Syndrome is also common. Western travelers experience this syndrome when they travel to India. They wander around the country and become disoriented. They experience cultural delusion and try to get spiritual enlightenment.

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