10 Celebrity Kids Striving Beyond Nepotism

In the worlds of entertainment and politics, many famous people achieve success through hard work. But some celebrities’ children also find success, benefiting from their family connections. However, some choose a different path. Jason Higgs, Senior Deals Strategist at Bountii, recently highlighted these individuals, shedding light on celebrity children who are charting their paths to success.

We also conducted online analysis to uncover celebrity offspring who are carving their paths to success. Join us as we explore their stories and the paths they’ve chosen.

Lady Louise Windsor

Image Credit: IMDB

Lady Louise Windsor is the eldest daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie. In 2022, the 16th heir in line for the throne, Lady Louise, was in the limelight for her decision to work at a garden center during the summers. She worked as an assistant and was assisting customers behind the desk.

She earned £6.63 per hour and worked a few days every week. Despite her Royal fame, her willingness to devote her time to earning real-world experience expresses her grounded nature.

Sasha Obama

Image Credit: IMDB © Chip Somodevilla

Sasha Obama, daughter of former US President Barack Obama, prefers to be away from her parents’ limelight.

In 2016, during her summer break, she took the job of a restaurant waitress at a joint named Nancy’s. Her job at that restaurant was maintaining the cash register, help the restaurant prep the lunch, and waiting for the tables. Her pictures went viral on social media, and people praised her simplicity and upbringing in the Obama family. The joint owner, Nancy’s, Joe Moujabber, was a friend of Michelle and Barack Obama.

Theodore Johnson-Wheeler

Image Credit: IMDB

Theodore Johnson-Wheeler, the youngest son of Marina Wheeler and Boris Johnson, worked at a Hackney restaurant, Morito, in East London. For a fact, it is the same restaurant where his father was booed out over the event of Jubilee Weekend. Theodore’s family has a deep history of politics, but he decided to step out of it and be part of the real-world scenario. During his work at the restaurant, he mastered the traits of dedication and teamwork.

Rocco Ritchie

Image Credit: IMDB

Rocco Ritchie, son of Madonna and Guy Ritchie, undoubtedly enjoys a great life. However, in 2016, Rocco, a teenager, decided to score a part-time job for himself. He chose to be a rider of the takeaway company Deliveroo rider.

As per some reports, Rocco decided to adopt this new work ethic as redemption after being busted for possessing cannabis. This voluntary and low-paying work is what helped Rocco earn discipline in life.

A source also revealed that he was keen to work at some local gardening centers back then.

Brooklyn Beckham

Image Credit: IMDB

Brooklyn Beckham is the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham. He didn’t want to live under the shadow of his father’s fame. He tried to take the real-life experience by establishing a new work ethic. Thus, he took up a part-time job in a coffee shop. His parents encouraged this decision, intending to make Brooklyn value money while growing up.

Princess Andre

Image Credit: IMDB Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris – © WireImage.com – Image courtesy WireImage.com

Princess Andre, daughter of Katie Price, and Peter Andre, another wealthy celebrity kid who decided to attain self-success in life. In 2022, her father, Peter, proudly revealed Princess Andre’s interest in a paying job. Later, he also stated that her daughter was a babysitter and dog walker to earn her pocket money. She makes her family proud and inspires her, as she understands the importance of hard work and personal growth.

Ben Ford

Image Credit: IMDB Photo by Jonathan Olley/Jonathan Olley / Lucasfilm Ltd. – © 2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM

Ben Ford, the son of American actor Harrison Ford, didn’t choose entertainment as his career. He is a very successful and reputed chef in Los Angeles. His Instagram profile has more pictures of delicious delicacies than his globally popular father. Ben decided to join a culinary school back in the 80s with a vision to walk down a different road. Moving on, he opened several restaurants, such as Doorstep Market and Ford’s Filling Station.

Cole Emhoff

Image Credit: IMDB

Cole Emhoff, the stepson of Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff, is often away from the limelight. He didn’t plan to get into the political world with her stepmother. Instead, he took his chances to get into a corporate life, embracing his education and management skills. Currently, he is working for Plan B, the Brad Pitt production company. He holds the designation of executive assistant and is doing well in his career. Cole might keep himself out of the spotlight, but everyone around is often aware of who he is.

Ashley Stern


Ashley Stern, the youngest daughter of the famous American personality Howard Stern, chose a career in the healthcare sector. She is a successful nurse practitioner, going ahead and helping her patients with utmost care. With this decision, she attains a lowkey lifestyle, keeping herself distant from the entertainment industry. Also, she rarely uses social media and has minimal public interactions. Thus, it is why there’s a bare minimum update on her personal life.

Beatrice Milly McCartney

Image Credit: IMDB

The youngest daughter of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, Beatrice isn’t fond of her parents’ limelight. Instead, she has expressed a desire to pursue her passions and interests. Unlike her father, Beatrice has no aspirations of becoming a pop star; rather, she harbors dreams of becoming a marine biologist. This exemplifies her determination to carve out a career and establish her own identity independent of her family’s legacy.

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