10 Best Airlines in the U.S.

The United States has the world’s second-largest air travel market, which has helped many passengers in their transportation. Several factors explain why the U.S. is in this leading position.

Firstly, the country’s geography, economy, and population size are high. The domestic passenger volume is rising by 9.4% year after year, and airlines are doing their best to deliver customer satisfaction. Studies suggest that commercial aviation drives 5% of the U.S. GDP—the equivalent of $1.37 trillion in 2023.

As per IATA, the air transport market in the United States is forecasted to grow by 62% in the next 20 years, according to the current trends.

This post focuses on the 10 best airlines in the U.S. that could help you make a better decision while you make your travel plans and make your journey comfortable.

Alaska Airlines

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Alaska ranked first and was recommended as the “best airline overall.” They plan to expand their reach and aim to grow 4%-8% annually until 2025.

Their focus is on customer satisfaction and also emphasizes their core values like safety, integrity, performance, and kindness. They cater to over 120 destinations, and their smooth travel experience attracts the flyers to return every time.

It had a score of 68.07 as per the Wallethub ranking.

Spirit Airlines

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A low-cost carrier in the U.S. that offers no-frills flights at rock-bottom prices. It allows travelers to customize their trip, paying only for extras like checked bags, seat selection, or in-flight snacks. They focus on efficiency and operate a young fleet of Airbus jets that brings the traveling costs down.

They serviced over 80 destinations and became recognized as the most affordable airline. It is the latest carrier to eliminate change and cancellation fees.

Spirit’s first quarter 2024 results reported a loss, but the Chief Financial Officer assured that the airlines are on the verge of making changes that would position them on the road to sustained profitability.

Delta Air Lines

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This airline emerged as a frontrunner, earning badges for their commitment to customer experience and excellence in the prestigious J.D. Power’s North American Airlines customer satisfaction survey for 2024.

They are the nation’s oldest operating airline, with a global network serving over 300 destinations in 60 countries.

Delta is widely regarded as the most dependable option because of its exceptional track record in minimizing cancellations, delays, denied boardings, and mishandled luggage.

As per Wallethub, it has a score of 61.56 and is known as the most reliable airline. As per news articles, the airline recorded an operating revenue of $13.7 billion and an operating income of $614 million with an operating margin of 4.5 percent.

SkyWest Airlines

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It is a primary U.S. regional carrier that operates under four significant airlines – Alaska, American, Delta, and United. It has a fleet of approximately 500 aircraft connecting passengers to 240 destinations across North America.

Their core business isn’t selling tickets directly to customers but providing the aircraft, crew, and operational heft for regional routes of their mainline partners. This unique model allows them to focus on building a solid reputation for safety and reliability.

SkyWest reported a net income of $60 million and experienced a 5% increase in block-hour production compared to the same quarter last year.

JetBlue Airways

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It is the most comfortable airline in the WalletHub rankings. They provide a comfortable flight experience with Wi-Fi, extra legroom, and complimentary snacks and beverages.

They’ve grown into a primary carrier, serving over 100 destinations across the Americas and Europe with over 1,000 daily flights. Their commitment to customer service and competitive pricing has been a critical factor in their growth, making them a popular choice for travelers in the U.S.

United Airlines

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The U.S. carrier forecasts earnings of between $3.75 to $4.25 a share in the second quarter, ahead of estimates. United had initially expected 78 aircraft from Boeing for the rest of this year as Boeing is facing some challenges.

As per WalletHub, it scored 51.96, making it to the top 5 in the U.S. best airlines list. They prioritize connecting passengers across all six inhabited continents, offering a variety of destinations with over 700 aircraft. Passengers can also benefit from their MileagePlus program, rewarding frequent flyers with travel perks and upgrades.

American Airlines

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It has ranked consistently among the world’s largest airlines for passengers carried. They operate with nearly 6800 daily flights, offering a network of hundreds of destinations across the globe. It strongly emphasizes growth, aiming to connect you wherever you need to be and offer a variety of fares and deals to suit your needs.

One can join the AAdvantage program to earn miles and unlock benefits like priority boarding and free checked bags. On Thursday (April 25), American Airlines announced a record first-quarter (Q1) revenue of approximately $12.6 billion, with business travel showing robust growth, particularly among small- to medium-sized businesses. The bookings increased from 51% to 81% between Q1 2019 and Q1 2024.

Frontier Airlines

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They are a primary American ultra-cost carrier expanding rapidly, serving 100 destinations in the U.S. and more across the country. They aim to make travel accessible, offering “Low Fares Done Right.” It prides itself on being America’s Greenest Airline, boasting a modern fuel-efficient fleet contributing to significant environmental savings.

Recently, the airline announced that change fees on some tickets would be eliminated and that specific packages would include these extra charges. More bundled options would appeal to more customers. The focus of the management is on organic growth.

Southwest Airlines

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It has become the most significant domestic carrier by passengers and is known for its unique boarding process. Their focus on value and customer service has fueled their growth, making them a popular choice for travelers in the United States.

The airline attempts to flex on competitors by highlighting the carrier’s perks through colorful vignettes with a new campaign.

It was launched on April 22, depicting how customers can benefit from Southwest policies like checking two bags free and receiving flight credits and points that don’t expire.

Hawaiian Airlines

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It is a top-ranked domestic carrier with a score of 48.30, as per the Wallethub Rankings. They recently secured recognition for exceptional customer satisfaction, and this growth goes hand-in-hand with their core values.

They prioritize a strong company culture, rewarding employees with competitive pay, benefits, and travel opportunities. Alaska Airlines planned to buy the Hawaiian Airlines for $1.9 billion last December.

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