15 Products That Proved They Weren’t Just Hype

We have all been tempted to buy some of the products advertised on TV. These innovative gadgets, promising to make our lives easier or solve that problem we didn’t know we had, often leave us wondering, ‘Does that really work?’

In this article, we cut through the hype and explore a curated list of ‘As Seen on TV’ products that are not just clever marketing but truly worth your investment.

Egg Pod

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The EggPod by Emson is a handy gadget that eliminates the guesswork in boiling eggs. It fits up to four eggs and consistently delivers perfect hard-boiled eggs. Besides cooking eggs, it can also peel them and steam other foods like small potatoes and sweet corn, preserving their nutrients, flavor, and color while minimizing mess.


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The ShamWow, an original As Seen On TV product, is a versatile set of super absorbent towels that can soak up to 10 times their weight in any liquid. They are perfect for various uses, including washing, drying, and polishing any surface, from your kitchen and bathroom to your car and RV, and they’re even safe for pets. These non-abrasive, machine washable, and bleachable towels are built to last up to 10 years, providing excellent value.

The Squatty Potty

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The Squatty Potty, a popular As Seen on TV product, is designed to promote a healthier bathroom posture by providing ergonomic toilet use. By keeping your feet elevated, it aids in smoother bowel movements. Despite its humorous marketing, this adjustable stool has become an essential bathroom accessory for many users.


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Snuggie, the original wearable blanket that has sleeves, is a product that has gained popularity through its As Seen on TV marketing. It’s made from super-soft fleece and is designed to keep you warm from head to toe while allowing complete freedom of movement. Users have praised its comfort, warmth, and practicality, some even describing it as a “hug that just keeps going .” Despite its humorous image, Snuggies are a functional and valuable purchase.


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The NutriBullet Nutrient Extractor is a must-have kitchen appliance. It’s designed to blend various ingredients effortlessly, thanks to its powerful stainless steel blades that can cut through nuts, seeds, and tough skins. With its 24-ounce cup, you can easily enjoy your homemade dips, sauces, and smoothies on the go. Don’t let those late-night infomercials fool you; this little gadget is a real game-changer for anyone looking to whip up some healthy treats quickly.

Drop Stop

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If you’ve ever dropped something between the car seats, you know how difficult it can be to retrieve it. The Drop Stop is designed to prevent items from falling between car seats, saving you the frustration of looking for them. Featured on Shark Tank, it acts like a cushion that fits into seat gaps and around the belt buckle. Available in a two-pack, the Drop Stop ensures your belongings remain within reach.

The Ove Glove

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If you dislike traditional oven gloves, which don’t give you the proper grip, the Ove Glove is the right choice. It is a five-finger, padded glove for frying food and removing dishes from the oven. The glove protects hands from heat better than any other pot holder.

Wonder Hanger

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The Wonder Hanger, featured on the “As Seen On TV” platform, is a space-saving solution designed to triple the hanging space in your closet. Each hanger can hold up to 5 coat hangers and is strong enough to hold up to 20 pounds. Many users find it helpful for organizing various types of clothing and increasing storage space in their closets.

The Clapper

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You might be familiar with The Clapper from its catchy commercial. This device, a precursor to today’s smart plugs, allows you to control your home’s electricity with a simple clap of your hands. It’s particularly effective with lamps, offering a convenient, hands-free way to switch them on and off. The Clapper can be considered the original smart home gadget.

Magic Mesh

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The Magic Mesh Deluxe is a hands-free screen door that opens and closes on its own proved to be super handy when your hands are full. It fits all sorts of doors and is a breeze to install. The Best part is that it lets fresh air in and keeps those pesky bugs out. Plus, it’s pet-friendly.

Pill Pro

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The Pill Pro Organizer is a total lifesaver if you’re juggling multiple pills or vitamins daily. They’ve got a slot for each day of the week, neatly labeled for morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime.

The containers stack up neatly, and you just slide out the bottom one for the day. They’re super easy to open, so no worries if you’ve got arthritis or limited strength. The best part is that each day has its container, so you can pop it in your purse or pocket—no need to carry around a bulky organizer for the whole week.

Keeson Hair Remover

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The Keeson Hair Remover is super gentle and perfect for everyday use. It has a built-in light to catch even the tiniest hairs and comes in a sleek, discreet tube perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.

It’s safe for all skin types and tones, and the advanced double-deck blade gives a quick and thorough trim. It’s stylish and portable and even comes with two replacement heads. It’s 18-karat gold plated and rechargeable via USB.

Miracle Blade

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The Miracle Blade World Class Knife Set has all the cutting tools you need in your kitchen. This star of late-night infomercials is a 13-piece set made of sharp and robust stainless steel. Each piece has a solid ergonomic handle. It can make a great housewarming gift.

Beard King Bib

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Shaving your beard over the sink and getting hair everywhere can be painless. But the Beard King’s Official Beard Bib, as seen on Shark Tank, has your back. You strap it around your neck, attach it to the wall, and it catches all those pesky hairs. Sure, you might look silly, but who cares when there’s no mess to clean up afterward?

Egg Gel Seat Cushion

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This versatile cushion works for your office chair, car seat, and home chair. It’s perfect if you’ve got back or neck pain. This isn’t just any cushion, though. It’s got over 500 flexible honeycomb grids that spread out the pressure that usually hits your lower back and thighs. Plus, it’s breathable and made from a medical-grade gel material that’s super kind to your skin. It even comes with a washable cover for that extra cozy feel.

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