Activities for stress relief – 17 simple ways to relax and reduce stress

If you want to keep stress at bay, you need to make an effort to incorporate stress-relief activities in your daily routine.


Okay.. in this section, we will talk about stress relief activities for moms and dads individually.

1. Take a long bath


A long warm bath has been an age old technique of relieving stress immediately.

Whenever I am stressed or frustrated, I take a long shower or soak in my tub.

Wash away the worries and emerge in the ultimate relaxation technique. Water (even the sound of water) has a calming effect on your mind and soul.

Besides that, warm water also helps your muscles relax and help blood circulation. A cold bath on the other hand energises the cells in your body and make you feel fresh!

so depending on the weather, you can decide on the cold or hot water.

If you want to take it a step further (and if you have the resources), light some aromatic candles in the bathroom and soak yourself in bath salts.

Don’t forget to moisturize afterward.

2. Listen to your favorite music

Listening to music can be calming. It can help relieve tension and take your mind off things that are stressing you.

But, did you know music is good for your health? As referenced in this article, The Scientific Benefits of Music,

…listening to music seems to be able to change brain functioning to the same extent as medication. Since music is so widely available and inexpensive, it’s an easy stress reduction option.

So, get on it.

If you are looking for stress relief activities, this is simply available and inexpensive option to turn to.

Time to turn the music on and put your hands up in the air (if you like!)

3. Watch something fun and mindless

I have a confession to make.

At the time of writing this post, I was fighting stress caused by coronavirus, quarantines and lockdowns in the country.

But, you know what helped me laugh at the end of the day and sleep like a baby?

Some funny videos. Well, here is one that worked for many days at a stretch

and this one. I am sorry but Donald Trump is so funny!

This is an amazingly funny video of Donal Trump making up works

If you watch these videos, laugh and get some relief from stress – comment below and let me know!

4. Yoga for stress relief

Yoga can really help with stress relief and management. While it does not help immediately and you need to practice it for at least a month or two to feel the difference, the good thing is – you do not need experience or a coach to start.

Whether you are at home, work or somewhere in between, you can always turn to yoga for relaxation

According to Harvard, The evidence is growing that yoga practice is a relatively low-risk, high-yield approach to improving overall health.

If you are a newbie, you can start with some basic While I can go ahead and drop names of the asanas (like Sukhasana and Bharmanasana) there is no point in that.

Why? Because you are new and such heavy names might just scare you away. I am practicing Yoga for over 2 years now and I feel a difference everyday.

As opposed to how I was (hyperactive, irritable and full of stress), I am calm, don’t feel stress immediately and the best part – I do not get irritated or annoyed easily. Overall it helps me stay calm, happy and at peace. It may be too much for many of you if I go on to say that I feel peace from within, but I do feel that. I feel at peace as I write this. I will NEVER recommend you something that does not work and Yoga is one of them.

Follow this routine everyday. It is simply stress and anxiety relief routine.

Ready to adopt yoga for stress relief? Some of the yoga poses for stress relief are

  • Forward bend
  • Standing Forward Bend
  • Wide-Legged Standing Forward Bend
  • Plow pose
  • Bridge pose
  • Eagle pose
  • Extended triangle
  • legs up the wall
  • Cat and Cow
  • Dolphins pose

If you are unable to find time for these poses in the day, just learn how to do the pranayams in Yoga (especially alternate breathing technique and breath of fire/skull shining)

5. Meditation

If you do not want to do Yoga all the way, pick up meditation. It can help you clear your mind, and relieve the stress.

Take out 3 10 minutes slot from your day.

The first one is in the morning, the second in the evening and third one is a sleeping routine. All I want you to do is sit with your back straight in padmasana (Crossed legged) on the floor, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Your stomach goes out when you inhale and goes in when you exhale. When your mind wanders, get it back to your breathing.

In the first few days, you might have a difficult time sitting for 10 minutes concentrating on your breath. With time, you will get better at it.

Do it for a week (3 times a day). You will feel the difference. It is the most natural way for stress relief.

6. Exercise

Shut up dude, Yoga and Meditation is not my thing.

Well, you are in luck. There are so many exercise routines available on the internet.

You can take up something fun like a dancing Zumba or something more intense like pilates or HITT.

7. Dance

Who doesn’t like to dance to the beat of your favorite music?

Gather your kids and spouse, put on some music and start dancing together.

You can, infact, have a small party at home.

8. Read

If you are a reader, then you can pick up a book you like. It will help you get your thoughts away from what is bothering you and enjoy what you are reading.

Stories and especially fictions give your mind the option to be somewhere else for a little while. A new world all together (GOT fans, got you there!)

This means you can leave your own troubles behind.

Reading also allows your muscles to relax and slows down your breathing, leaving you feeling calmer.

Gives your brain a break!

9. Hobby?

Do you have a hobby?

Do you want to pick up a hobby?

Well, whatever it is, this is the time. If you struggle with stress, you need to pick up a hobby. Something you like to do! In my case, I love to sketch sometimes and whenever I pick it up, I get so lost in it. By the end, I feel so much better! Look at what I created the last time I took to my hobby

10. Write

If you like to write, then you can take up this stress relief activity everyday.

Write something. Write a journal. Work on a book. Anything.

But write. It helps relieve stress.

11. Doodle, draw, color, or Zentangle

You can either doodle, draw, color but if you want something more organized try Zentangle.

The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

You can find what is Zentagle here

If you watch this, I want you know that I feel the same relaxed state of focus when I sketch.

If not Zentagle, you can buy coloring pages and start doing that. You can easily find many on Pinterest if you search for stress relief coloring pages.

12. Call a friend

When I say call a friend, I mean someone who helps you laugh and not vent.

If you are going through a lot of stress, ask a close friend if you can call them regularly to have a quick laugh or just to say hello

13. Cook

Cooking can be relaxing for MANY and in MANY ways

According to US News, Studies repeatedly show that when families eat dinner together on a regular basis, kids have better self-esteem and academic performance, and a lower risk of substance abuse, teen pregnancy and depression. It seems that sitting around the dinner table allows kids a few minutes in the day to share their problems and accomplishments, and to let parents reinforce positive messages that provide powerful benefits over a lifetime.

I have known people in my life who turn to cooking whenever something stressful happens in their lives. They find it a soothing and a calming activity.

A lot of people prefer baking over cooking when it comes to relaxation. The smell of baked good makes you feel even better!

So, pick up any and start cooking. You know what is another benefit of cooking? When you cook, you have complete control of what goes into each meal (from salt to ingredients) which makes the meal healthier.

and, a healthy meal is the beginning point to feeling relaxed and stress-free.

14. Massage

Sometimes it is your body that needs relaxation. The muscles are tensed, they hurt and in turn, you feel stressed out.

In such a case, a massage can really help relieve your stress. But, let me add a caveat – if you resort to massages once in a lifetime, it will not work. Do it regularly and you will see a difference.

If you are confused which massage to get done, this article by Healthline will help you.

15. Share, Remisence

Talking can really help you relieve stress. When we talk about our problems and what is bothering us, it tends to make us feel better.

Like, some load is taken off the shoulder.

According to Physchcentral, In other words, when you’re facing a threatening situation, interacting with someone who is feeling similarly to you decreases the stress you feel

So find someone you can share your thoughts with.

You can also make it a routine to spend some quality time with your spouse. Talk about things that bother you or talk about things that make you both happy. Sometimes when I feel stressed out, I talk about the past with my husband – like when we met or how we met etc. Something that reminds you of good times and makes you happy! You can also look at old photos or just have sex!

16. Sex

There is science behind this one.

When you have sex, you release feel-good hormones, including oxytocin and endorphins which reduces cortisol levels in your body (the stress hormones). I think sex is the only one of the list that is scientifically proven to reduce stress level.

and, guess what – it is free!

17. Stress relief and Essential oils

One another way of reducing stress levels is to use essential oils.

You can get started easily. Just hop on this site and you can find a tonne of amazing information on how to use essential oils for stress relief.

Read: 18 essential oils for anxiety


Disconnect from tecnology

It is important to disconnect from technology

Constantly juggling between devices and apps only adds to the stress. Physical and mental. Besides that social media is a known cause of adding stress in people’s live – it causes resentment, anger, jealously etc for many. Even if you are not one of them, you are still stressed because of the overuse of technology.

The first step towards stress relief is to reduce screen time. 2-3 hours before you go to bed stop using any form of technology. Turn off the phones, turn off the computer, and shut off the outside world for a little while. Instead, you can pick up anything on the list – take a long shower, do some yoga or meditation or Zentangle etc.

Pick up at least a 2 hour routine for the bedtime.

Have a relaxation corner in your house

Your home should make you feet at home. There has to be some space that makes you feel good in the day – like a porch or a terrace etc. Take some time out during the day or end of the day to sit there for a while reading a book or just sipping some tea. Give yourself some time to do nothing.

For me, I love meditating in the morning and evenings. I can’t imagine my life without meditation. It’s been so helpful.

A Healthy Meal

A lot of us do not put much thinking into what we eat. We do take outs or eat canned foods.

But, it is time to change a habit. Instead of glutten, cookie dough, ramen etc, you need to shift healthy foods.

Pinterest got me hooked with so many amazing recipes. Click on this board to see some of the most amazing recipes for healthy dinners.

Healthy meals are important to get the requirement amount of vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for cellular regeneration and to replace lost energy to prepare you for tomorrow. There you go. These are some of the stress relief activities that you can take up.

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