18 Nations Leading the Global Standard of Life

Superior living standards have become a goal for countries across the world. This parameter depends on various factors. This includes healthcare, social life, and economic factors of the country.

Here, we list 18 countries with the highest standard of living in the world. We have considered the countries with a Human Development Index above 0.850 and compared GDP according to the data provided by the IMF.


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Luxembourg thrives as an emblem of affluence and quality living in the heart of Europe. Its robust financial sector fuels an economy marked by impressive wealth per capita. Citizens enjoy access to cutting-edge healthcare services, ensuring longevity and well-being. The nation’s political stability also makes it a top choice for living.

  • GDP per capita: $145,830


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Ireland’s leap into a high-tech economy has given it superior living standards. The nation prides itself on an educational system that nurtures innovation and creativity. Its burgeoning tech scene attracts global talent, fostering a vibrant and dynamic society. The Irish also enjoy its cultural richness, making it a coveted destination.

  • GDP per capita: $143,130


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Singapore stands as a testament to how visionary leadership can transform living conditions. This island city-state boasts a highly efficient public transport system, minimizing daily hassles. Its commitment to public health is evident in world-class medical facilities. Singapore’s stringent law enforcement ensures the safety and security of all its residents.

  • GDP per capita: $138,540


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Qatar’s meteoric rise on the global stage is due to its vast natural gas reserves. The wealth generated has been strategically invested in infrastructure, education, and healthcare. Residents of Qatar experience a high degree of comfort, bolstered by state-of-the-art facilities.

  • GDP per capita: $118,150

United Arab Emirates

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The UAE epitomizes the transformation of desert expanses into luxurious urban landscapes. Its cities, like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, offer a blend of modernity and traditional culture. The government’s focus on healthcare and education has elevated its quality of life. Furthermore, the UAE’s safe environment and cosmopolitan society attract expatriates globally.

  • GDP per capita: $92,950


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Switzerland’s picturesque landscapes are at par with its high standard of living. The country’s economy benefits from a skilled workforce and a strong financial sector. Swiss citizens enjoy unparalleled access to quality education and healthcare. Switzerland’s commitment to environmental sustainability contributes to its citizens’ high quality of life.

  • GDP per capita: $92,520

San Marino

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San Marino offers its residents an exceptionally high quality of life. Its economy thrives on tourism, banking, and the manufacture of ceramics and stamps. The healthcare system is comprehensive, covering all citizens and residents. San Marino’s rich history and cultural heritage add to its allure as a place to live.

  • GDP per capita: $86,890


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Norway’s prosperity is closely tied to its natural resources, particularly oil and gas. The nation invests its wealth in public services, ensuring a high standard of living. Norwegians benefit from an extensive welfare system encompassing healthcare, education, and social security. The country’s focus on environmental conservation makes it a leader in sustainability.

  • GDP per capita: $84,850

United States

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The United States’ diverse and dynamic economy offers vast opportunities for its citizens. Innovation and entrepreneurship are the cornerstones of American prosperity. However, education and healthcare quality varies significantly across the country. Despite these disparities, the US has a high standard of living.

  • GDP per capita: $83,060


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Denmark’s commitment to social welfare, environmental sustainability, and economic innovation sets it apart. Danes enjoy comprehensive healthcare and education systems funded by a progressive taxation model. Denmark’s approach to living standards offers a model for the world.

  • GDP per capita: $77,480

Brunei Darussalam

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Brunei’s wealth stems from its vast reserves of oil and gas. The government provides free education and healthcare, ensuring a high standard of living. Despite its small size, Brunei’s focus on social welfare is commendable. The country’s serene environment makes it an appealing place to live.

  • GDP per capita: $76,860

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong’s vibrant economy and cultural dynamism make it a global metropolis. The region excels in finance, trade, and innovation, attracting international talent. Its efficient transport and healthcare systems improve residents’ quality of life. However, the high cost of living and housing challenges remain pertinent issues.

  • GDP per capita: $76,150


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The Netherlands showcases an exemplary balance of economic prosperity and social welfare. Its citizens benefit from an innovative healthcare system and a high-quality education framework. The Dutch government’s focus on sustainability and environmental protection enhances living conditions. The Netherlands’ open and tolerant society further enriches its citizens’ lives.

  • GDP per capita: $75,540


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Iceland stands out for its stunning natural beauty and strong social cohesion. The nation’s geothermal and hydroelectric resources power a sustainable and prosperous economy. Icelanders enjoy a high level of social welfare, including accessible healthcare and education. The country’s commitment to equality and environmental conservation is globally recognized.

  • GDP per capita: $72,490

Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia’s wealth is deeply rooted in its vast oil reserves. The government invests in infrastructure, healthcare, and education, aiming to diversify its economy. Saudi Arabia’s vision for the future promises further improvements in living standards.

  • GDP per capita: $71,370


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Austria combines cultural richness with economic stability. The country excels in healthcare, education, and social welfare. Austrians enjoy the beauty of their natural environment, which contributes to their well-being. Austria’s commitment to social equity and values sets a high standard for living.

  • GDP per capita: $70,820


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Andorra offers a unique blend of scenic beauty and high living standards. The country’s economy benefits from tourism, retail, and banking. Andorrans have access to excellent healthcare and education, reflecting the focus on welfare. The nation’s low taxation rates and peaceful environment are additional attractions.

  • GDP per capita: $69,040


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Germany’s economic prowess and engineering excellence contribute to its high standard of living. The nation prides itself on an efficient healthcare system and social security network. Germans enjoy access to world-class education and vocational training programs. Germany’s commitment to innovation and sustainability drives its continued prosperity.

  • GDP per capita: $68,130
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