18 Inheritances That Hold Priceless Value, Beyond the Bounds of Money

According to data from 2022, an average American inherits around $58,000. Many of those inherited possessions have more sentimental than monetary value. It is common for items that seem valuable to hold little cash value when appraised or sold. This list covers 25 inherited items that often disappoint financial worth.

Formal Wedding China Sets

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Wedding China sets have been losing their glamor in recent times. This is due to the lack of family gatherings and a growing change in culture. Over time, they have transformed from being valuable possessions into mere showpiece items.

Large Furniture

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When you inherit a home, you also get all the furniture as a part of the package. Even if the property costs a lot, the furniture that comes with it does not. In the resale market, the value of these large pieces of furniture is not worth considering. Besides, due to the age of the furniture, they do not work as home decor, either.

Mass Produced Collectibles

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Not everything has a market or a resale value. The collectibles that your friends and family would hold on to are less lucrative now. Baseball cards, commemorative plates, Beanie Babies, and other collectibles used to be produced in large quantities. However, now they are hardly worth anything unless they are very rare.

Old Perfume Bottles

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You are wrong if you think old perfume bottles that you still have kept will be worth something in the future. The truth is, these bottles may have distinct appearances. They may even have a sense of nostalgia attached to them. Yet, you can not sell them in the current market.

Plastic Jewelry

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You can inherit vintage plastic jewelry from your ancestors. These usually feature fun, colorful designs. Since plastic is not a valuable material, collectors usually regard genuine metal and gemstone jewelry more highly. Thus, inherited plastic jewelry holds little monetary value.

Costume Jewelry

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Though not usually made of real gold or silver, costume jewelry looks pretty. The ones you inherit from your mother or grandmother hold special significance to you. Unfortunately, in the resale market, only a handful of jewelry from famous brands are usually worth selling. The jewelry made of gold or silver carries a resale value.

Holiday Decorations

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Christmas or Halloween decorations from yesteryears usually hold a special place in our hearts. Unfortunately, they do not hold that place in the resale market. People prefer to buy new items, so old ones lose value drastically. Some stores sell unsold holiday decor for cheap prices when the holiday season ends.


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Most of us own books that are passed on to us over generations. They have become almost a part of our identity over the years. However, the sad truth is that unless a book is a first edition or a limited edition, there is not much resale value. Only a handful of books signed by the authors grow in value over time.

Various Types of Crystal

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Crystals have a small shelf life. The taste and preferences change with time, and potential buyers move on. Thus, you may not be able to sell your inherited crystals easily. A crystal also needs frequent cleaning to be in pristine condition. That means what you inherit is probably not the best version of it. In the resale market, very few types of crystal do well.

Older Model Televisions

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Holding onto an older model tube-style television from past decades can bring back memories. However, at best, an old TV can fetch around $60-$200. Newer model TVs have far more features and capabilities. As a result, there is almost no demand.

Royal Doulton Figurines

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Royal Doulton figurines used to be popular. With time, their popularity faded, and not many people want them now. Due to a large number of production, they have lost their value. If they have cracks, they will hardly be worth much.


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Old clothing is not always the best item to sell in the market. If you want to make quick bucks, selling old clothing will not be profitable. Stores featuring used clothing do not offer a lot of money in return for the accessories. Moreover, these clothing items may also be worn out and not good for use.

Old Equipment

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A vintage sewing machine or a vintage lawn mower will be of special value to you. While those are unique items in your possession, you can not flip them for profit. The primary reason behind that is that there are very few buyers of old equipment nowadays.

Home Decor Artwork

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The artwork that you receive from your ancestors will decorate your walls. They can hang on your living room walls and earn you praise. However, most of these pieces have very little resale value. Artwork and prints from unknown artists are often worth little on the secondary market.

Ethnic Textiles

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Vintage textiles like blankets and rugs often feel cozy and nostalgic. Despite that, many antique textiles are only worth a little money if sold. Collectors pay high prices for rare, high-quality ethnic textiles in pristine condition.

Ceramic Knickknacks

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Ceramic knickknacks and figurines can be cute decorative items. However, any mass-produced pieces are only worth a little money. Many households collected ceramic knickknacks in past generations.

Mismatched Fine China

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Inheriting a mismatched set of fine China can still be lovely for display purposes. Incomplete Chinese sets are worth less money than a complete, intact set. Buyers want the full collection of pieces.

Dolls from Childhood

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Dolls from your childhood can be sentimental keepsakes. Yet, the vast majority do not increase in value as collectibles. This is because dolls stand the test of time only if they are rare and antique ones. Besides, most inherited dolls have been used for years, and their shine fades.

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