15 Most Dangerous Highways in America for Truck Drivers

Road safety is a complex issue, and accidents can happen anywhere. This list is not intended to be exhaustive or definitive but rather to raise awareness of some of the most challenging roads for truckers.

Tornado Alley

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Without any doubt, Tornado Alley is a place where truckers will not want to drive, especially during the spring and summer. Tornado Alley has highways stretching between Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. The drivers try to avoid the stretch due to the high amount of tornadoes, hail, and flooding in the zone.

Highway 550

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Nicknamed ‘The Million Dollar Highway’, Highway 550 is a 25-mile stretch from Ouray to Silverton. It twists and turns through mountains to reach a high of 11,000 ft. It lacks guardrails and shoulders and features a sharp cliff drop, which drivers are generally afraid of. It also has unpredictable weather that leads to a dangerous experience.

Interstate 4


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Florida is not a state that drivers usually love driving in due to traffic congestion. However, Interstate 4 is an especially tricky highway for driving. It is one of the deadliest highways when it comes to truck driving and witness multiple deaths every mile.

Interstate 45

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Another Interstate Highway that truckers are afraid to frequent is Interstate 45. It is located in the state of Texas. When the highway enters Houston, people disobey traffic laws, causing congestion and accidents. The highway sees an average of 56.5 deaths every 100 miles. Officials and drivers believe that drunk driving, texting while driving, and breaking the speed limit are the reasons.

Interstate 15

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Truckers refuse to drive on Interstate 15, a highway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Even though it is filled with open spaces for vast stretches, the highway is dangerous for a long drive. It can be attributed to distracted driving and driving under influence.

California Route 138

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Truck drivers do not like to frequent California Route 138, infamously named “The Blood Alley.” It is full of wiggles, sharp turns, and grades, which lead to a high death count on the road. Drivers prefer alternative routes to taking this one.

US 24

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Infamously called “The Killway, US 24 stretches from Fort Wayne to Toledo. It has received improvements recently in terms of infrastructure. Yet, the high fatality count continues to be a worry for drivers. Dangerous turns and blind curves lead to frequent head-on collisions between unsuspecting drivers.

Interstate 80

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One of the most dangerous states for truck drivers, Nebraska is home to Interstate 80. High winds in open spaces cause many accidents and casualties. The numbers worsen in winter due to snow and ice. Out of all fatalities in Nebraska, 15.92% involve trucks. It amounts to a massive 59 deaths every year.

Highway 17

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Of all the South Carolina highways that truck drivers avoid, Highway 17 is the most unsafe. There is traffic congestion on this highway, but what makes it worse is the risky road. It has sharp and blind curves with excessive wildlife crossing making it difficult for drivers.

Dalton Highway

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Dalton Highway is one of the USA’s most dangerous highways for truckers. In fact, it is one of the most dangerous highways in the world.

Even though drivers frequent this highway, they try to avoid it at every opportunity. Stretching for 240 miles in Alaska, Dalton Highway is meant for disasters. It records some of the coldest temperatures in the country and lacks any service stops.

Interstate 95

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One of the oldest highways in the USA, Interstate 95 stretches from Houlton to Miami. Truckers hate driving on this stretch. The highway is near many densely populated cities and sees a large number of deaths every year. Winter storms, high winds, and heavy springtime rains affect the driving conditions in this region.

US 129

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US 129 is a 582-mile-long highway with certain parts that are dangerous for drivers. It has an 11-mile-long stretch from North Carolina to Tennessee, popularly known as “The Tail of the Dragon”. That zone has as many as 318 curves, and is responsible for many crashes.

The Cross Bronx Expressway

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Behind all the glam of New York, the Cross Bronx Expressway poses a significant threat to truck drivers. As a densely populated area, it lacks maintenance and features narrow lanes. It also has a high accident rate. All that is reason enough for drivers to avoid taking this route.

Kamehameha Highway

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The highly dangerous Kamehameha Highway is located in the island state of Hawaii. It is one of the most important highways in suburban and rural O’ahu. Yet, that does not stop it from being an extremely unsafe highway. There are sharp twists and turns, and the road is full of traffic. The coastal weather does not instill much confidence in the drivers.

Highway 2

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Montana has several congestion-free roads that truckers enjoy driving on. However, Highway 2 takes it up a notch, making it less enjoyable. In this deserted two-lane route, service stops or people, in general, are rare to find. In case of accidents, drivers will not get any help for more than an hour.

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