15 Activities That Test the Boundaries of Lawfulness

We often encounter situations that trigger an inexplicable sense of guilt, even when we know we’re not breaking any laws. In this article, we delve into the curious world of actions that feel illegal but aren’t. From pocketing napkins at a café to reading an entire book in a bookstore without purchasing it, we explore the psychological nuances that blur the lines between legality and perception. So, read on as we explore the curious world of legal gray areas.

Driving Barefoot

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Driving barefoot is indeed one of those peculiar actions that feels illicit, yet it is perfectly legal. The sensation of your skin against the pedals might trigger a sense of rebellion, but rest assured, you won’t be breaking any laws by cruising without shoes. So, embrace the freedom of the open road without footwear.

Sampling Food At The Grocery Store

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Sampling food at the grocery store can sometimes feel like tiptoeing on the edge of legality, but it’s actually quite acceptable. You can take a free sample and then come back for another. It might seem cheeky, but it’s usually allowed. Just don’t overdo it  – there’s a fine line between sampling and feasting.

Reading an Entire Book At The Bookstore

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Reading an entire book at the bookstore is legal. Many bookstores provide cozy chairs for readers to settle in. They even sell coffee and snacks, encouraging you to linger and explore the pages. You are in the clear as long as you read without cracking the spine, denting the cover, or creasing the pages.

Walking Out Of A Store Without Buying Anything

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It’s absolutely legal to walk out of the store without buying anything. Stores benefit from having customers, even non-paying ones. It makes the store look busy and more popular. You are in the clear as long as you aren’t making any messes or blocking other customers. There are no alarms, no handcuffs—just a casual exit.

Passing a Police Car In Traffic

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Police cars adhere to regular speed limits when patrolling or driving without urgency. If you pass a police car while both vehicles move under the speed limit, you are well within your rights. Driving at a reasonable speed is crucial for safety, but extreme speeds can endanger lives. So, passing a police car at a moderate speed is the responsible choice.

Having Fun At Work

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Having fun at work is essential for maintaining a positive and productive environment. You can share memes, crack jokes, and secretly plot office pranks. They are great for morale maintenance. A few coffee breaks during the day are essential for sanity recharge.


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Couponing is like a secret treasure hunt for savings and is surprisingly legal. When you snag those jaw-dropping discounts, it feels like you’re pulling off a heist. But don’t worry; using coupons to slash your grocery bill from $500 to $5 is a legitimate money-saving strategy.

Downloading Free Software

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Downloading free software from the internet can sometimes feel like a clandestine activity, but rest assured, many developers intentionally offer free versions of their programs. However, you must seek out reliable sources for free software downloads. Some well-established websites like Free Download Manager, FileHippo, and SourceForge provide safe and legitimate software.

Watching Videos At Full Volume In Public

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Have you ever accidentally played a video at full blast in a crowded place? It feels like a major faux pas, but it’s entirely legal. Adjust your volume settings to avoid awkward glances from fellow commuters or café patrons.

Pocketing Napkins At A Restaurant

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You won’t get in any legal trouble, but if you do it repeatedly, the employees will notice, and eventually, those products may be removed from the reach of customers. While taking extra napkins for personal use is unlikely to cause any issues, excessive pocketing can be considered inconsiderate.

Taking A Long Time To Decide What To Order At A Fast Food

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Pondering over the fast-food menu for a long time may seem illegal, but it’s more of a moral dilemma. These actions won’t land you in jail, but they might earn a raised eyebrow from the person behind the counter. If you still can’t decide, go with the classic, “I’ll have what the person in front of me ordered.”

Farting in Public

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While it might be considered impolite or embarrassing, farting in public is generally not illegal. It’s not polite to do so openly and around others, but no law says you can’t fart in public.

Not Liking Dogs

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In many circles, mentioning that you don’t like dogs can feel like a social faux pas. People often react like it is a grave offense, akin to committing a heinous crime. However, personal preferences can vary. So if you are not head over heels for our furry friends, rest assured – it’s not illegal, just a matter of personal taste.

Card Counting In A Casino

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Card counting at casinos is not illegal, but casinos don’t like it. The management at the casino will make you feel like a criminal for doing it. Since you are on their private property, they can remove you at any time. Therefore, if you ever get caught counting cards, you will certainly be removed from the game and asked not to return.

Going Out in Your Pajamas

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Whether grabbing groceries, picking up a package, or just enjoying a leisurely stroll, you can do it all in your pajamas. It may not be the most fashion-forward choice, but there is no law against it.

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