13+ Apps that pay you to walk (Earn up to $1000)

We often hear experts touting the various health benefits of walking. From strengthening your heart to boosting immunity and lowering blood sugar levels, walking can help with all.

But, did you know that that walking can improve the health of your bank balance as well? Several legit apps pay you to walk.

You can earn money, discounts, and even do charity by walking. Read on to learn more about the various apps that pay you to walk.

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1. Achievement

With the Achievement app, you can earn money by walking, cycling, swimming, and playing a sport.

This app connects to more than 30 health and fitness apps (like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Garmin, Apple Health) and tracks your activities.

You can earn around 80 points per day for logging in your fitness activities and six points a day for registering in your weight, food, sleep tracking.

  • You can also earn $10 for every 10,000 points that you make.
  • You can also earn extra cash by taking surveys related to health and fitness.

2. StepBet

The StepBet app is more like a game.

In this app, you can bet on yourself to meet specific goals set for you (by the app) and win some money. After you download the app and connect it to your fitness trackers like FitBit, Garmin, or your
phone’s health app, this app sets your goal for you.

You can join a game and place a bet (usually $40) that you can achieve the goals set for you in six weeks. If you complete all your weekly goals for six weeks, everyone in the game that has hit their goals splits the pot. The thought of losing money on a be can be the right motivation to exercise more.

You can earn a few dollars more than your bet if you win the game at the end of six weeks.

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3. Walgreens balance rewards

If you like to shop at Walgreens, then this app can help you earn many rewards. You can earn Balance Reward points at Walgreens when you track your walk and several other fitness activities while using the Balance Rewards for health choices program.

Create an account and connect your fitness device to it. You can sign up for it on their website or app. Once you sign up, you can link several fitness apps and devices to it, including RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, FitBit to it. You can earn up to 20 BR points per mile and up to 1,000 balance rewards points per month.

You can also sign up for a health challenge and earn up to 100 points per week.

If you are able to complete all four challenge weeks, you also have a chance of earning a bonus of 1,000 points.

You can redeem your BR points at the rate of $1 for 1,000 points at the store or Walgreens.com.

4. Sweatcoin

The Sweatcoin app uses your phone’s GPS and built-in accelerometer to track your steps. It also uses an algorithm that tells if you are walking and not driving. This app converts every 2,000 steps into their currency (Sweatcoin) that you can use for rewards. With a free membership, you can earn up to 5 sweatcoins per day for 5,000 steps.

You can upgrade your membership to receive more sweatcoins. You can earn $1000 through Pay Pal for 20,000 sweatcoins, though it could take you at least 18 months to reach this goal.

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5. Charity Miles

Charity Miles helps you to donate the money that you earn from walking and doing other fitness activities to the charity of your choice. Over 40 charities have received more than $2.5 million through this app.

This app uses GPS and motion sensors on your phone to track you. You must manually start and stop each workout on this app.

You can earn and donate 25 cents per mil for walking/running and 10 cents per mile for bike riding.

6. Higi

This app doesn’t just reward you for walking; it also monitors your weight, body fat, and blood pressure. You can earn reward points for walking up to one mile per day.

Besides that, you can also earn points by using Higi health tracking stations, which are located at various pharmacies. Link this app to many apps and devices, including RunKeeper, Garmin, Omron, Fitbit, Strava, endomondo, and iHealth.

You can convert points into rewards and discounts for health and fitness items

7. MapMyFitness

MapMyFitness and other related apps like MapMyWalk and MapMyRun provide opportunities to take part in challenges and win prizes. These prizes are not cash rewards, but they include products related to fitness. You can win Under Armour products by completing challenges.

This app uses the GPS and the motion sensor on your phone. It can also connect to your Fitbit easily.

8. Win Walk

Winwalk tracks your steps and helps you to earn points.

Unlike other apps that reward you only if you complete a minimum of 1000 steps, with Winwalk you can earn rewards coins for every 100 steps that you walk. This app also tracks your distance, active time, and calories and sends you reminders to stay active. There’s a 10,000 per day limit on earnings.

You can use coins you earn to get e-gift cards from stores like Amazon, Starbucks, andWalmart.

Note: This app is available only on android.

9. Fit Potato

You can use the Fitpotato app to challenge other members of this app to a weekly walking or exercising session. When you complete all your sessions, you can win a share of the weekly prize money.

But, if you are the only person to complete all the challenges, you win the entire prize. To be able to track your steps, Fitpotato needs access to your Apple Health Steps data. Fit Potato app is available only for iOS users. You can win cash as prize money, depending on how many people participate in a challenge

10. LifeCoin

Lifecoin uses your phone’s GPS to track your steps. Every time you walk, run, or cycle, you can earn lifecoins through this app. You can use lifecoins to get e-gift cards at Amazon, iTunes, or PayPal

You get one lifecoin for every 1,000 steps that you walk but you can earn ONLY five lifecoins a day. A $50 gift card costs 2,500 gift coins. This means it will take you 500 days to earn one.

11. Lympo

Through the Lympo app, you can earn LYM cryptocurrency by completing challenges. You can join new challenges like going for a morning walk or a lunchtime walk each day.

It’s engaging and interactive, and you can see your route, speed, distance, and time as you walk. Exchange your LYM tokens for Amazon gift cards, electronics, clothes, and shoes.

You can easily sync it to iHealth, Google Fit, and Samsung Health to track your activity better. You can also earn 50 LYM tokens every time someone signs up through your referral link.

12. Better Points

Better points app tracks your activities like walking and cycling to help you collect points, redeem them, or donate them to charity.

This app uses GPS to track your activity in the UK, Poland, France, and Italy. You can select a challenge, and when you complete it, you earn points or a ticket in a draw for a large number of points.

Track your activities like walking and cycling to win prizes, collect points, and redeem them for gift vouchers or donate them to your favorite charity.

When you donate Better Points to an organization, this is converted into cash when the totalpoints exceed 20,000 points.

One thousand points are equal to £1.

13. Carrot Wellness

The carrot app gives you one reward point for every step you take.

It also gives you a personalized activity goal that is updated daily.

You even win reward points by visiting carrot businesses.

This app is compatible with Xiaomi-Mi and FitBit, and it also works with fitness devices that sync to Google Fit.

You can use reward points can to play games, compete in challenges, and purchase rewards available on the app.

Some other ways to get paid to walk


Sign up with Rover.

The Rover app helps you find dog walking and pet sitting jobs in your area.

If you are a dog lover, this app allows you to spend some time with your furry friends and get exercise along with it.

The app also tracks how many steps you have taken during the walk.

You can earn around $20 for a 30-minute walk.https://web.archive.org/web/20211025170912if_/https://www.youtube.com/embed/hH5eM8NSRAk


If you love dogs and enjoy walking, then Wag can help you make some money on the side.

This app works a lot like Uber. When a dog owner requests a dog walker, this app pairs them with a dog walker nearby.

You need to be approved to be a dog walker, and you can only walk one dog at a time.

You can earn around $12 plus tips for a 30-minute walk.

Gig Walk

This app pays you to walk around town and do some tasks or gigs and earn extra money.

The gigs could include being a mystery shopper at a store or visiting some café or restaurant.

Once you download the app, you will see red pins on the map. These are gigs created by brands. You can check out these gigs and apply for them.

If you are approved, you will be given further instructions on the task to be performed.

You can earn between $3 and $100, depending on the task.

People Walker

Through this app, you can become a people walker and provide companionship and motivation to the person who hires you for a walk.

This app can be useful for retired people who need the
companionship and safety of another person to go out for a walk.

You have to pay a small application fee when you apply to be a people walker.

People walkers charge $7 to $21 per half-an-hour.


Sign up here.

HealthyWage app helps you to win money by making bets on your weight loss or by participating on of their many weight loss challenges.

You can also use the HealthyWage Prize Calculator to figure out how much you stand to win.

You can be a part of up to 10 challenges at the same time on this app.

You can win up to $10,000 on an individual weight loss bet.


Sign up with Postmates

With the Postmates app, you can walk and deliver goods from local merchants to customers and earn money.

Think of this job as that of a walking postman.

To become a postmate, you need to register with this app.

You can begin deliveries and earning money once you are approved after a background check.

On average, postmate couriers earn $15 per hour.

Conclusion on apps that pay you to walk

There’s a well-known saying, ‘Health is wealth.’

These apps surely seem to follow this motto.

Not only do they may your fitter through their various challenges, but they also motivate you to continue walking and exercising through their various incentives.

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