12 Ugly States To Live In The USA

The USA is a vast and diverse country, with 50 states that offer different lifestyles, cultures, and landscapes. Depending on your preferences and priorities, some states are more attractive than others.

However, some are best avoided at all costs. This list has your answer.


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Indiana ranks low in public health, natural environment, and medical treatment. It has high pollution rates, especially in cities like Chicago, Gray, Hammond, and Portage, contributing to lower life expectancy.

It also has extreme temperatures, cloudy skies, and only a handful of national and state parks. This makes Indiana less attractive for residents or visitors.

Although it has significant educational institutions, like Butler, Notre Dame, and Indiana University, only 38% of the residents are college-educated.


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Tennessee has one of the worst crime rates in the US, ranking second in violent crime. It has poor health care, education, and infrastructure. Although it has some scenic mountains and rivers, it suffers from air and water pollution, especially in urban areas.

Tennessee is not very safe or healthy to live in. Therefore, you should reconsider moving to this state in the US.


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Florida is known for its sunny beaches and theme parks but has many drawbacks. Due to its long coastlines, it is prone to hurricanes, floods, and wildfires, which cause damage and displacement. It also has a high cost of living, low wages, and income inequality. It is not a great state to relocate unless you have a stable job. Florida is not affordable, making it appear on the list of ugly states.

New Jersey

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New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the US, which leads to congestion, noise, and stress. This state will be a big no-no if you are not a big fan of crowds.

It also has the highest property taxes, the worst business climate, and the lowest fiscal stability. It has a reputation for being dirty, corrupt, and rude. It has some natural beauty but is overshadowed by urban sprawl and industrial pollution. New Jersey is not very pleasant to live in.


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With a rank of 44, Alabama is one of the worst states in the US, according to US News & World Report. It ranks low in almost every aspect, such as health care, education, economy, opportunity, and natural environment. It has high rates of poverty, infant mortality, obesity, and diabetes. It also has a history of racial discrimination and violence, which still affects its social and political climate. Alabama is not a very progressive or livable state.


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Mississippi is another state that struggles with poverty, health, education, and lack of opportunity. It has the lowest median household income and lowest life expectancy in the USA.

It ranks 50th among all states in food security. It also has poor infrastructure, low environmental quality, and high crime rates. Mississippi is not very wealthy or well-lived; hence, it was added to this list.


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Alaska is the largest and most sparsely populated state in the US, which poses many challenges. It has harsh winters, long nights, and remote locations, which affect the mental and physical health of residents. It also has high costs of living, low economic diversity, and limited access to health care and education. It has stunning natural beauty but is also threatened by climate change and oil drilling. It may not be ugly, but not comfortable or convenient to live in.


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California is a state of contrasts, with significant achievements and many challenges. It has the largest economy, the most diverse population, and the most innovative industries in the US. It also has the worst traffic, the highest homelessness, and the most wildfires in the US. Californians earn an average of $960 per month. Thus, high cost of living, high tax burden, and a high regulatory environment affect their lifestyle. It has many attractions but also many frustrations. California is not easy or relaxing to live in.


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Connecticut is one of the US’s wealthiest and most educated states but has challenges. It has a high cost of living, a high tax burden, and a high debt load. It also has a declining population, a stagnant economy, and a shrinking workforce. It has a low crime rate but also a low happiness rate. It has some scenic landscapes but also some boring suburbs. Connecticut is not very dynamic or satisfying to live in.

West Virginia

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West Virginia is one of the poorest and most isolated states in the US, with few opportunities and resources. It has low income levels, education, health, and internet access. It also has high levels of unemployment, opioid addiction, and coal dependency.

It has a rich cultural heritage but also a low social mobility. It has some rugged beauty but also some environmental degradation. West Virginia is not a very hopeful or resilient place to live in, especially if you are relocating to give yourself a fresh start.


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Louisiana has the worst environmental quality in the US, ranking last in air and water quality, toxic chemical releases, and public health. It also has high rates of poverty, crime, and corruption. It has a rich and diverse culture but also a low social tolerance and inclusion.


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Illinois has the worst fiscal health in the US, with the lowest credit rating, the highest pension liability, and the most significant budget deficit. It also has high taxes, high unemployment, and high outmigration. It has a vibrant, diverse economy and a polarized and dysfunctional political system. Thus, Illinois is not very solvent or stable to live in.

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