12 Outrageously Expensive Items Only the Super-Rich Can Enjoy

They say money can’t buy happiness, but for millionaires, it can undoubtedly fund some eccentric indulgences. Let’s delve into the crazy things wealthy individuals like to splurge on.

Suborbital Sojourns

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As seen in CBS NEWS, Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic, invested around $250,000 for his suborbital flight with his own company. Branson’s journey symbolizes his commitment to making space tourism accessible and his passion for experiencing space firsthand. By booking seats on commercial spaceflight services, like Virgin Galactic, millionaires fulfill their dream of venturing beyond our planet without the astronomical price tag of a full-fledged space mission.

Exotic Pet Collections

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A trend among millionaires is to own rare and exotic pets, ranging from tigers to exotic birds. Former boxer Mike Tyson spent over $400,000 on his exotic pet collection, including Bengal tigers. Tyson’s fascination with exotic animals reflects a desire for unique and unconventional companionship, showcasing the extravagant lifestyles millionaires lead.

Supercar Fleet

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Millionaires often invest in an extensive collection of high-end luxury cars and supercars. Fashion mogul Ralph Lauren is renowned for his extensive supercar collection, estimated to be worth $300 million. Lauren’s passion for automotive artistry is showcased through his diverse collection, featuring rare and iconic supercars. In Ralph Lauren’s fleet of supercars, luxury meets speed.

Art Installations

Millionaires commission extravagant art installations for personal enjoyment. Renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio has invested millions in his art collection, with some paintings costing upwards of $9 million. DiCaprio’s passion for art extends beyond his on-screen roles, representing a desire to support and engage with the art world.

Private Islands

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Purchasing entire islands is a trend among millionaires seeking ultimate seclusion. According to CNN Travel, the number of inquiries for private islands has increased from 100 to 150 per day after the pandemic. Actor Johnny Depp spent around $3 million to acquire a private island in the Bahamas. Seeking unparalleled privacy and escape from the public eye, Depp’s investment reflects the desire for an exclusive and idyllic retreat.

Personal Submarines

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Filmmaker James Cameron invested millions in creating and piloting his submarines, including the iconic Deepsea Challenger. Cameron’s deep-sea exploration ventures, funded by substantial personal investment, showcase his dedication to uncovering the mysteries of the ocean’s depths.

Luxury Bunkers

Bill Gates reportedly invested in a luxury bunker, part of an exclusive trend among high-net-worth individuals, with costs varying from millions to tens of millions. Gates and other wealthy elites see these bunkers as a precautionary measure and a secure retreat in the face of various global threats.Other high-net-worth individuals have also shown interest in luxury bunkers for security and survival purposes. One notable example is Peter Thiel, the billionaire entrepreneur and co-founder of PayPal. Thiel has reportedly invested in a multimillion-dollar underground bunker in New Zealand.

Pet Cloning

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Millionaires explore the possibility of cloning their beloved pets. It’s a bid to extend the companionship with cherished animals beyond their natural lifespan. Barbra Streisand reportedly spent around $50,000 to clone her beloved dog, Samantha, creating two genetic replicas. Streisand’s investment in pet cloning reflects a deep emotional connection to her canine companion and the desire to extend that bond. Engaging biotech companies specializing in pet cloning, Streisand’s decision to clone her dog showcases the possibilities and ethical considerations in genetic duplication.

Luxurious Ice Cubes

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Millionaires invest in perfectly clear, artisanal ice cubes for their drinks. These ice cubes add a visual appeal to beverages and have a slower melting rate, preventing dilution and ensuring a more enjoyable sipping experience. It’s a subtle yet significant detail that enhances the overall drinking experience.Jay-Z, the iconic rapper and entrepreneur, is known for indulging in high-end beverages with crystal-clear, luxurious ice cubes. As a symbol of sophistication and attention to detail, Jay-Z’s preference for premium ice cubes aligns with his elevated taste. Companies like Glace Luxury Ice Co. provide artisanal ice services tailored to specific preferences, with a bag of 50 luxurious ice cubes costing $US325.

Kidnap Insurance

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Millionaires secure specialized insurance against kidnapping and ransom. Considering the increased risks associated with their affluent status, it’s a precautionary measure.While specific details about Warren Buffett’s personal security measures, including kidnap insurance, may not be publicly disclosed, it is known that high-net-worth individuals often invest in such insurance for protection. Buffett’s pragmatic approach to risk management and safeguarding assets aligns with the rationale behind acquiring kidnap insurance.

The International Risk Management Institute (IRMI) provides insights into kidnap and ransom insurance. Insurance brokers specializing in high-net-worth clients offer tailored policies for protection.

Age-Reversing Ventures

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Millionaires invest in research and treatments aiming to reverse their aging. It’s a pursuit of longevity and maintaining a youthful appearance. Bryan Johnson, the tech millionaire, sold his property for $800 million to look youthful. The 46-year-old pops 111 pills per day to stay young. He spends $2 million annually to remain young and follows a rigorous regime for which he has been criticized online.

Extravagant Soirees

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Millionaires throw over-the-top, expensive parties that redefine luxury. It showcases wealth, social standing, and the ability to create unforgettable experiences.Sean “Diddy” Combs, the music mogul and entrepreneur, has gained a reputation for hosting lavish events and celebrations, often featuring A-list guests and opulent setups. Diddy is renowned for his extravagant and star-studded celebrations, contributing to his image as a master of grand events in the entertainment industry.
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