12 Lazy Jobs That Pay You Well (For Doing Almost Nothing)

The majority of people slog day and night to earn their living or extra cash. What would it be like if one could make money without breaking much sweat? No kidding. Check out these interesting jobs that pay people for tasks requiring minimal effort.

Sleeping And Bed Testing

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One can earn some bucks while catching Zzz’s. Some companies employ people to test their sleep products. This company offered a $250 per hour gig to self-confessed insomniacs to test its sleep bedding, pillow, eye masks, and apps.

Online Surveys

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Several market research firms pay the participants for answering online surveys. A word of caution, though. Beware of scam websites that ask for bank details or social security numbers.  

Website Recommendations: Branded Surveys, Swagbucks, LifePoints, Survey Junkie

Standing In A Queue

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A professional line stander, Jennifer Goff, started queuing for people to help them shop for groceries, buy event tickets, book signings, etc. She transformed a tedious task into a $25/hour business and now runs her venture ‘Skip The Line.’

Who knew standing in a line could be a job?

Selling Photos

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Selling photos clicked from your smartphone or camera is an excellent job for monetization. Even illustrators and artificial intelligence (AI) generators can sell their creations. The payout depends on the image quality, genre, photography experience, licensing exclusivity, etc. 

Marketplace Recommendations: Shutterstock, iStock, Wirestock, Alamy

Platonic Companionship/Socializing

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The World Health Organization (WHO) declared loneliness a ‘pressing health threat’ and emphasized the need to build social connections. There is an untapped income opportunity for people who love helping others.

A Japanese man, Shoji Morimoto, rents himself out to lonely folks to chat with them, dine in a restaurant, send good wishes, wait in a hospital, etc.

Content Review

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OTT platforms, television networks, entertainment websites, publishing houses, and music channels need people to review their web/television shows, movies, songs, or books. Wouldn’t it be nice to get entertained and paid for it, too? 

Platform Recommendations: Cineaste, Taste of Cinema, Playlist Push, Booklist

House Sitting

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People are apprehensive about leaving their homes unattended when they are away for work or vacation. They hire house sitters to look after the pets and plants, do cleaning, or follow other instructions. Make sure to define the scope of work before agreeing to take up the job.

Website Recommendations: Trusted House Sitters, House Sitters America, Nomador

Participating In Focus Groups and Studies

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Brands and market researchers use the focus group method to collect opinions or feedback from people on a product or topic in a moderated setting. Participants can get paid for it through offline, telephonic, or video conferencing discussions.

Website Recommendations: User Interviews, Respondent, Rare Patient Voice

Live Streaming

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Serious gamers can give their bank balance a little upward nudge by live-streaming video games and esports competitions. Twitch and YouTube Gaming are the most popular platforms among streamers. Popular streamers Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek started live streaming at a small scale and have a net worth of millions today!

Being Part Of Wedding Festivities

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Many men and women have been racking up the moolah by becoming professional groomsmen and bridesmaids, respectively. The job description requires doing everything that the bride or groom expects. Jen Glantz, the founder of Bridesmaids for Hire, has earned up to $5700 to be a bridesmaid! 

Art Modeling/Life Modeling

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Be an artist’s muse. Art models are in demand among art institutes, painters, and sculptors. An art model should be comfortable maintaining a specific pose for a few hours. Some artists may expect their muses to pose with (portrait modeling) or without clothes (figure modeling). 

Downloading Apps

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Several websites pay people to download and test their apps, play games, watch advertisements, etc. The terms and conditions of the payout vary across the apps. Some apps may pay after reaching a certain level of the game, while others may require you to keep the app open for a specific duration.

These jobs make earning extra income much more effortless.

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