12 Brutal Truths About Life That You Can No Longer Ignore

Life will repeat its lessons until people learn them. These lessons often show up the hard way through experiences and mistakes. Check out 12 unforgettable life lessons that would do everyone some good.

1. Life Is Unpredictable And Sometimes Unfair

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Leo Rosten, Polish-born American author and social scientist known for Yiddish literature, says, “Some things are so unexpected that no one is prepared for them.”

One day, a person is hale and hearty. The next day, an unexpected road accident could take one’s life. The future is uncertain. So, be present in the moment and adaptable to life.

People may feel betrayed and disappointed when things don’t go their way. We can choose to drown in self-pity or learn to swim. So, embrace the unfairness, rise above it, and fight for your purpose.

2. Love Is Forever

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Love can evolve from attraction to comfort and companionship to heartbreak. One should always aim to cherish the good memories and move on to the next chapter in life.

For example, the case of American actress-producer Mindy Kaling and actor-comedian BJ Novak dated for a few years before breaking up and are still staying close friends. In an interview, BJ Novak describes their relationship as “We’re very close in sort of a natural, eternal way.”

3. Health Is Wealth

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In today’s world, people chase materialistic possessions and forget healthcare. Unfortunately, it often takes sickness to understand that health is life’s most precious gift.

One should also remember that mental health is as important as physical health. Did you know that financial stress is one of the top reasons for mental health problems? Research shows that people who experience financial stress are 20 times more likely to attempt suicide than those who do not experience this type of stress.

4. Things Happen For A Reason

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Every small or big painful incident is the universe’s plan to push people towards a better life. Each challenge presents an opportunity to step out of one’s comfort zone and grow. The realization may hit after weeks or years that it was all for the best.

Accept that hardships are opportunities in disguise and develop a resilient attitude.

5. Cooking Is A Necessary Life Skill

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People often survive on daily dine-outs, takeaways, or frozen foods. Not only does it drain your wallet, but you put unhealthy food inside your body. Cooking puts you in charge of what goes on your plate and what happens to your health.

6. Happiness Is A State Of Mind

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Firstly, let’s understand that real happiness doesn’t come from a dream house, brand new car, job promotion, etc. These things give you temporary joy; you may feel sad about something else after the initial euphoria.

True happiness is a state of mind that allows you to find pleasure in simple things and little moments in everyday life. So, celebrate your small wins. Do the things you love. Be grateful for all you have.

7. A Close-Knit Community Is A Lifeline

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A robust support system is crucial for navigating life’s ups and downs. You should prioritize finding the right people by your side and eliminate people who do not bring the best in you.

The Nextflix docuseries ‘Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones’ says that the right tribe is one of the secrets of people’s longevity. A community that understands and cares for you creates a supportive environment conducive to your health.

8. Financial Independence

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A report states that 62% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, making it the main financial lifestyle. This is different from how it should be. Instead of living paycheck to paycheck, focus on budgeting, investing, saving for the future, and having multiple income streams. This will help you to build a corpus and gain financial freedom.

Financial independence brings security, respect, dignity, and self-worth in life.

9. Trying To Change People

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People behave a certain way, not for anyone to change but for them. Obsessing over changing others diverts energy from our path, our growth, and our own stories in the making. You should either accept the person for what they are or move on.

10. Forgiveness Is Power

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Life is too short to nurse grudges and bitterness towards people and situations. Learn to forgive to heal your heart and free your mind. A study found that when forgiveness is taught, practiced, and achieved, it results in better mental and overall well-being.

Remember that forgiveness is an act of self-love, too.

11. Honesty And Integrity

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Dr. Spencer Johson, the author of the bestselling book ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ defines honesty as ‘telling the truth to other people’ and integrity as ‘telling the truth to myself.’

Honesty and integrity are vital to building a solid foundation of trust in both personal and professional relationships. They serve as your compass for everyday decisions and actions.

12. Growth Mindset

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Nobody is perfect, and nobody knows it all. Everyone is a work in progress. That’s why life is a continuous learning process. There is always room for improvement.  It could be becoming a better version of yourself or upgrading your professional skills.

Today, there are sufficient resources, tools, and courses for learning. Invest at least a few hours a week in your growth.

Are there any life lessons you have learned the hard way?

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