11 Countries with the Longest Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is the average number of years a person lives from birth. Its measurement can indicate a country’s health and well-being. The data is usually different for males and females; sometimes, it represents an average of both sexes.

Let us look at the top countries that have earned a reputation for having people with the longest life span. Our list uses data from the United Nations Population Division.

Hong Kong

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Life Expectancy of Both Sexes – 85.83

Female Life Expectancy – 88.66

Male Life Expectancy – 83.00

Hong Kong has a dynamic urban landscape and a bustling population. The country proudly boasts one of the highest life expectancies globally. It has been possible due to its advanced healthcare system and high standard of living. It emphasizes public health initiatives and ensures access to medical services for all citizens. Plus, Hong Kong’s vibrant economy is perfect for a healthy lifestyle. It ensures citizens have nutritious food options and entertaining activities.


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Life Expectancy of Both Sexes – 85.51

Female Life Expectancy – 88.11

Male Life Expectancy – 82.88

Despite being a very populous country, Macao is top-ranked regarding notable life expectancy among its residents. The region’s universal healthcare coverage ensures access to medical services for all inhabitants. Macao has an affluent economy that can provide world-class medical facilities. Moreover, the cultural ambiance and community support contribute to overall longevity.


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Life Expectancy of Both Sexes – 84.95

Female Life Expectancy – 87.97

Male Life Expectancy – 81.91

Japan consistently leads the world in life expectancy, with its citizens enjoying one of the longest lifespans. There are various factors behind this longevity, including a healthy diet rich in seafood, vegetables, and rice. Plus, Japan promotes active lifestyles and traditional practices like tai chi, which help with longevity. Japan’s advanced healthcare infrastructure and emphasis on preventative medicine further contribute to its high life expectancy.


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Life Expectancy of Both Sexes – 84.38

Female Life Expectancy – 86.05

Male Life Expectancy – 82.63

Switzerland has made a name for its high standard of living and exceptional healthcare system, which are among the factors contributing to its population’s longevity. The country’s universal healthcare coverage ensures that all citizens have access to medical services. Switzerland’s emphasis on environmental sustainability and clean living conditions enhances overall well-being and raises life expectancy.


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Life Expectancy of Both Sexes – 84.27

Female Life Expectancy – 86.42

Male Life Expectancy – 82.13

Singapore ensures its residents have access to quality medical services, preventive care, and early intervention. The city-state continuously promotes healthy lifestyles and the importance of health education, contributing to its high life expectancy. As a result, the residents of Singapore are less prone to chronic diseases and co-morbidity issues. Additionally, Singapore’s multicultural ambiance boosts the population’s well-being and longevity.


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Life Expectancy of Both Sexes – 84.20

Female Life Expectancy – 86.13

Male Life Expectancy – 82.15

Italy’s Mediterranean diet is a key factor for its high life expectancy. Rich in fresh produce, olive oil, and fish, the Italian food practice provides various health benefits. Italy’s strong family ties and social support networks also foster emotional well-being and reduce stress, contributing to longevity. The country’s universal healthcare system provides access to medical services for all citizens, further enhancing life expectancy.

South Korea

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Life Expectancy of Both Sexes – 84.14

Female Life Expectancy – 87.23

Male Life Expectancy – 80.83

The urban population of South Korea is adept at dealing with health issues, as it gets ample medical support from the government. South Korea’s citizens have access to comprehensive medical services, helping them with longer life spans. The efficient healthcare infrastructure facilitates early detection and treatment of diseases. The traditional Korean diet is rich in vegetables, seafood, and fermented foods. Thus, it contributes to better health outcomes and longevity.


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Life Expectancy of Both Sexes – 84.05

Female Life Expectancy – 86.68

Male Life Expectancy – 81.35

Spain’s culinary tradition is rich in fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and fish. This diet is responsible for lower rates of chronic diseases and longer life expectancy. The country’s strong social support networks and emphasis on family ties contribute to its population’s well-being. Spain’s universal healthcare coverage ensures all citizens receive necessary medical care, promoting overall health and longevity.


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Life Expectancy of Both Sexes – 83.85

Female Life Expectancy – 85.83

Male Life Expectancy – 81.81

Malta has a relatively high life expectancy compared to many other countries. Malta’s government promotes a high standard of living and focuses on public health initiatives. Malta’s pleasant climate and outdoor-oriented lifestyle encourage physical activity, leading to a healthy lifestyle.


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Life Expectancy of Both Sexes – 83.73

Female Life Expectancy – 85.56

Male Life Expectancy – 81.89

Australia’s high life expectancy is supported by its excellent healthcare services, outdoor-oriented lifestyle, and multicultural society. The country’s healthcare system provides comprehensive coverage and promotes preventive care. On the other hand, the vast natural landscapes encourage physical activity and healthy living. Australia’s diverse population brings a range of dietary and lifestyle practices, contributing to better health outcomes for its citizens.

French Polynesia

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Life Expectancy of Both Sexes – 83.70

Female Life Expectancy – 86.10

Male Life Expectancy – 81.49

French Polynesia is an overseas collectivity of France located in the South Pacific Ocean. This country generally exhibits a life expectancy comparable to that of developed countries. Despite the many physical challenges of being a remote region, it promotes a fair healthcare facility for its residents. The small population size and unique socio-economic circumstances contribute to the region’s higher life expectancy.

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