The 10 Most Overpaid Jobs as Voted by Americans

Have you ever wondered which jobs in America are considered the most overpaid? A survey asked Americans to share their thoughts on the pay scales of different occupations. This article unveils ten jobs that, according to public opinion, might have the heftiest paychecks.


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(78% of U.S. adult citizens think politicians are overpaid.)

The phrase “overpaid and underworked” is often used to describe members of Congress. This perception is fueled by the high income and benefits that politicians receive, which can seem disproportionate compared to the average wage. Lawmakers earn a substantial six-figure salary and make more than triple the median household income in the U.S.

Professional Athletes

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(78% of U.S. adult citizens think professional athletes are overpaid.)

Professional athletes’ sky-high salaries, often in the millions, have sparked a debate on whether they are overpaid. The stark contrast between the federal minimum wage and the average U.S. median income fuels this. The transparency of athletes’ earnings, especially when they underperform, adds to the controversy.


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(76% of U.S. adult citizens think CEOs are overpaid.)

The compensation of CEOs has been a topic of heated debate. While the exact figures remain unclear, there’s a consensus among Americans that CEOs are overpaid. Over the past few decades, CEO pay has seen a sharp increase, with today’s CEOs earning between 210 and 300 times more than their employees, a stark contrast to the 20-fold difference in 1965. This has led to skepticism about whether such high rewards are justified


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(67% of U.S. adult citizens think lawyers are overpaid.)

While public sentiment often labels lawyers overpaid and dishonest, the reality is more nuanced. Many lawyers, especially public defenders and legal aid lawyers, earn modest salaries that barely cover their educational debts. However, according to NALP’s 2023 Associate Salary Survey, first-year associates saw a median base salary of $200,000, a significant increase from 2021. Despite being early in their careers, these lawyers, with seven years of higher education, earn considerably more than other professionals like nurses and engineers.

Investment Bankers

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(56% of U.S. adult citizens think investment bankers are overpaid.)

Investment bankers often draw criticism for their high compensation. While they bring significant technical knowledge and guide companies through potential pitfalls, their ‘success fees’ are often more about convincing executives and boards of a successful outcome than achieving it. Despite their fees being a small part of any transaction, their long-term value is unclear, significantly as many mergers and acquisitions are reversed when leadership changes. This has led to calls for tying success fees to the long-term success of deals.

Real Estate Agents

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(40% of U.S. adult citizens think real estate agents are overpaid.)

Real estate brokers often command high commissions, leading some to view them as overpaid. They play a crucial role in property transactions, providing expertise and handling negotiations. According to the Department of Justice, real estate agents generate about $100 billion in yearly commissions.

However, with the rise of online platforms and direct buyer-seller interactions, some question the value they add relative to their fees. This has sparked a debate on whether real estate brokers’ compensation aligns with their services.


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(35% of U.S. adult citizens think doctors are overpaid.)

Around 35% of Americans, cutting across political lines, believe doctors are overpaid. This perception, however, needs to be balanced against the significant investment doctors make in their education. This includes direct costs like tuition and books and indirect costs such as income foregone during years of study and residency. The higher compensation doctors receive is a return on this investment and reflects the longer working hours compared to average workers. The debate on doctors’ pay thus hinges on these complex factors.


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(34% of U.S. adult citizens think journalists are overpaid.)

There is a general perception of journalists being overpaid in America. However, this profession encompasses a broad salary range, from $20,000 to over $100,000. While some journalists, particularly those on television, have achieved wealth and fame, others earn modest incomes. This diversity in earnings reflects the varied roles and platforms within the field, challenging the notion that all journalists are overpaid.


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(30% of U.S. adult citizens think professors are overpaid.)

American public opinion is split on professors’ salaries. While 30% of Americans perceive professors as overpaid, a nearly equal proportion, 28%, believe they are underpaid. This divide reflects differing views on the value of academic work and the compensation it warrants.


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(25% of U.S. adult citizens think entrepreneurs are overpaid.)

While a quarter of U.S. adults perceive entrepreneurs as overpaid, the entrepreneurial journey is not simple. Successful entrepreneurs overcome numerous hidden challenges and difficulties to succeed. However, up to 65% of new entrepreneurs express contentment with their path and do not envy those in traditional jobs. Entrepreneurship comes with challenges—53% report working harder than when employed. Despite this, 57% of these hard-working entrepreneurs report earning more.

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