10 Care Package ideas for stress relief

Amidst the hustle bustle of our daily lives (and, a crises that we are all going through at this point), it is not uncommon to become stressed out!

If you are looking for self care package ideas for yourself or your loved ones, this list is for you. It has care package ideas for parents, siblings, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse and kids. You can also find care package ideas for this mothers day! Here are 30 self-care package ideas to give as a present.

But for those of you who want to know a little bit more about self care packages –

What is a Self Care Package?

A self care package is basically just a gift basket but designed with self care in mind.

There is no right or wrong way of making a care package. It can be whatever you want it to be! Just try your best to tailor it to that person and what’s important to them.

Ideally, a self-care package should contain 3 – 5 things inside which are related to each other. Anything more and it might get a little overwhelming. The goal is to keep it simple, practical and full of things they’ll actually use.

1. Self Care Journal

If you think someone needs an outlet to express their emotions, thoughts without being judged, then self care journal is the best care package idea for them.

You can do it with a diary, planner, or even a workbook. 

Whichever you choose for you or for a friend, they will be well on their way to happiness.

Don’t know where to find self care journals?

If you are looking for an anxiety or stress relief journal, check this out but if you are looking for general care package journals, then check this out.

2. Meditation Course

Care packages are all about self care, self love and finding joy in life.

While this may not everyones choice, I would have loved to receive this in a care package.

This is for a friend who wants to learn meditation or is actively trying to learn.

Instead of jumping from one video to another on YouTube, they can now relax and focus on finishing this amazing mindfulness course.

3. Book a Retreat

If you are feeling adventurous, you can include a retreat in your care package.

BookRetreats.com has so many unique trip opportunities.

And it’s one of the most popular sites for booking Meditation retreatsYoga retreats, and Detox retreats.

Add one of these trips to your self-care package ideas list today!

4. A premium skincare package

If you have someone who loves skin care routines, then a premium skincare package is the perfect care package.

Remember, self care is as much physical as it is mental health.

Wondering where to find it? Check out this premium skincare package!

self care package ideas

5. Set of aromatic candles

Not everyone likes candles, so it can be a hit or a miss.

But, if you know someone who loves aromatherapy, then this is perfect care package idea.

I personally use a lot of them, I love ’em!

Check out this warm aromatic candle to improve your mood

6. Aromatic Bath Salts

Just like the aromatic candles, there are aromatic bath salts as well.

Who does not love to light a few scented candles along with taking a fragrant scented bath?

Most people already use warm baths and bath salts for self-care. 

So, you can go ahead and safely add them to the list of self care package ideas.

7. Essential Oils Kit

While not everyone uses essential oils, it could be a great gift for anyone looking to relieve stress or someone who just wants their house smell good.

You can use essential oils in many different ways – from aroma diffusers to including them in massage oils.

You can use them for a number of things like sleep, stress, and relaxation.

If you are feeling generous, you can also thrown in a diffuser. These are a great way to create a calm feel in the room.

It’s like having a scented candle, except without the wax and fire. 

8. Tea

Tea has a soothing effect and have many health benefits!

No wonder it is on the list of care packages!

You can include cakes, cookies and different tea in the care package to your loved one.

Tea has so many benefits to our health so its no wonder it’s on this list. 

From green tea to chairooibos red tea, and even ginger tea.

9. A soft blanky

Yeah, I called it a blanky and I am an adult!

I cannot live without a soft blanket and so does many people I know. There are so many amazing varieties you can choose from!

 From Faux Fur Fleece Blankets, to warm and nostalgic Hand Knit Throw Blankets.

10. Manicure & Pedicure Set

If you are making a care package for a woman, you can definitely decide on a good manicure and pedicure set.

The 12 piece nail set includes a nail clipper, cuticle trimmer, nail file, multi purpose scissors, and much more.

Now that you know what all can be included in a self care package, let’s see how to make a basket depending on the persons interest.

For the Spa Lover

If the person you want to gift a care package to is a spa lover, then we can create a care package which can give at-home spa experience.

A bath, candles, soft music, maybe a good book.

The aim is to bring a spa centre in the comfort of their homes.

You can include 3-4 of any items below –

  • Dry Brush
  • Primally Pure Flower Bath
  • Lavender Eye Mask
  • Scented Candle
  • Bath salts
  • Primally Pure Body Butter
  • Essential oils etc.

For the Natural Beauty Lover

Your care package is now geared towards facial experience at home.

You can include

  • Raw Manuka Honey
  • Clay Mask
  • Facial Oil
  • Green Jade Roller
  • Gua Sha Stone etc.

For the Fitness Freak

If your person is fitness freak, this is what you can include in the care package

  • Vegan Protein Bars
  • Ear Warmer
  • Class voucher to their favorite studio
  • Natural Deodorant
  • Fitbit
  • Health bands
  • Tea
  • Yoga classes online etc

For the Chiller

Your person loves to be home and relax (just like me!).

If you were to give me a care package, I would love some

What do You Do for Self Care?

Do you have a self care routine in place? Are you looking to create a self care package for someone?

Comment below and let me know!

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